This Week’s Discussion: You Make History Every Single Day

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Hello Ladies!

Admittedly, this week’s topic has been having its way with me. The process always starts as a ping somewhere early in the conversation, like a spark, and then as we come together with each new idea, each offering of gratitude for each other’s words and thoughts, and each new awareness of our own selves, the next topic reveals itself in full form. It steps out of the conversation, fully embodied in its brilliance. So often, it will then follow me around during my own daily affairs, saying “Yes, it’s me! Let’s talk about me next!” It’s always clear, perfectly timed – a gentle and loving companion to me in this conversation.

It seems apropos to share this part of how I fulfill my role as the facilitator of our conversation, because it’s my yellow brick road, perhaps. We are travelling along together, and I am Dorothy, and the next topic is a beautiful field of poppies, or another like-minded traveler, or a fun song, and we all laugh, link arms, and carry on. This week’s topic; however, was a bit like a flying monkey to the side of my head, and I’ve been wrestling it to the ground ever since. It definitely tagged my ego on the way into the ring.

Our topic this week is simply this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: 

Well behaved women rarely make history.

It’s been on T-shirts, bumper stickers, my Instagram feed, and even on the radio. It’s undeniably our guide for this week’s conversational journey! The ego part for me is how much the word “behave” triggers me. I always behave, and I see that same cultured and refined behaviour in all of you too. I see integrity. I see great thought and mindfulness behind all of your actions. I see great power acting in grace and precision.

I also see great vision, commitment to your goals, and great determination to bring those goals to fruition. Even more, I see the future in those goals, ideas, commitments, and visionary ways of life. I see shortcuts to a positive future because of the things you think about, the way you live your lives, and how you give yourselves to others. I see you make history every single day.

So, this week, I am going to step aside, and let that wild beast of a “topic” have its way with you, too.

When the embodiment of that kind of brilliance shows up at your door, and says to you “well behaved women rarely make history,” how do you field that statement?

Share with us what this statement means to you.

If you are well-behaved AND making history, what does that mean?

How does that empower you?

How does that inspire you?

I would gladly follow any one of you into the future.

You make history.

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