A League of Her Own

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Women who inspire me. What if I find my inspiration among men, the first source being my older brother? What if I am inspired by men, and then adapt that to my own life and situation? Do I make up something to fit the blog topic of the week? Then I hear another inspiration. I hear my Dad, saying “don’t lie.”

This morning I listened to a blogging webinar where the host (another male) said that blogging is the best personal growth course ever because topics will force you to grow and stretch. Very true, because right now I’m at an impasse. I can easily write a blog post about who inspires me, but again, it’s a man.

I decided to go outside and do my chicken-chores because at least there I’m surrounded by more females than males. (Hens = 15, Roosters = 7, still a lot of testosterone). I decided to connect with that inspiration.

While I was outside, I remembered a movie which had resonated for me. The movie is based on a true story about the Women’s Professional Baseball League formed in 1943 by Philip K. Wrigley. The Women’s Baseball League was formed so that folks back home could still watch baseball during WWII. Men were drafted, women stayed behind, and these women were scouted for their baseball skills. They were indeed extremely good ball players. The League lasted until 1954 with over 1 million fans in 1948.

Even though I played many years of fastball and was a pitcher, what inspired me to my core, was the title of the movie, League of Their Own. These women were indeed in a league of their own and truthfully, so am I. These women blazed a trail in professional baseball, but yet, still were very much women. These women were competitive, strong, and tough as nails because “there’s no crying in baseball” (a famous line from the movie), but yet they were feminine. The uniforms were skirts, the women were sent to Helena Rubinstein’s Charm school ever day after practice, but it was their skills that drew the crowds.

I look to see where I am in a league of my own. I take the skills and inspiration that I glean from the men in my life and fashion it to be mine. Running, glass art, blogging, moral values, the list goes on, all inspired by men, but crafted to fit my life as a woman. More importantly, my life as me. As I look around for women as sources of inspiration, I would have to say that I am inspired by the women who are in a league of their own. They are connected to the things that bring them joy. These women know who they are.

Written by: Sherri Donohue; www.trailrunnersjourney.com

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