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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching

The Holidays are just around the corner; potential for so much joy and yet so much stress, too. They are a brilliant example of expectations that are simply set too high. We want things and people to be perfect. At the same time we are often in social settings that don’t resemble our daily lives. On top of that there’s the tree, the presents, the food, all the Christmas frenzy we have discussed previously. So often we think: “Next year I’ll do it differently. Next year I will do it all in a relaxed fashion.” But do we ever?

What does this time of the year invite us to do though? Look at nature and you will see it: stillness. What a contrast! Nature has reduced life to the minimum. Everything is slower and many plants and animals are hibernating; less movement, less noise. Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful setting to take a rest from the chaos?

In the German language we speak of the time “between the years” which refers to this period of stillness. It is roughly the period between the winter solstice on December 21st and Epiphany on January 6th. Interestingly enough I remember that I felt drawn to this disconnection from every day life at this time of the year long before my brain knew the according information. Unfortunately many years this yearning could not be met due to life’s circumstances.

This has been a special year for all of us; luckily including both: many hardships and challenges as well as a lot of good and amazing things. If nothing else it has been a particularly turbulent year. That is the reason I aim to connect with the special quality of this period. My soul yearns for the stillness of these days that is so readily available if I but choose it. Nevertheless I can also sense a certain resistance to the quiet. It shows up as hesitancy to give myself the time and space to be still. Being with the stillness makes room for a deep connection with myself, the very thing I wish for, but at the same time it means giving up control over what will show up.

I also see that the potential of fully connecting with myself and being present in my body surpasses mere relaxation. It brings me back to center. The calm this creates allows for a deep knowingness, the quiet yet powerful voice of intuition that leaves no space for doubt, only certainty. That is what is so needed in our world of frenzy and chaos right now: to be centered in your own certainty.



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