Discussion Topic for the Week of July 16 – In Quotation

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Hi Ladies!

One of the biggest trends right now in social media is the quotation meme. It’s all around us, and it may be one of the easiest ways to get a hit of inspiration that there ever was! It’s amazing for many reasons. It’s the words, the meanings, the photography, the who-said-it and why, the simplicity, and the lightness of positive connection becoming viral.

It’s also a really interesting and unique way of getting to know each other. When we scroll through our social feeds, the quotes that people use to express how they feel, or what inspires them at the time, gives us a window into how they think and what has influenced them. Who do they read? What TV shows do they watch? What great leaders inspire them? Where are they “at” in their heads that day?

Often, a quote will easily and succinctly fill that spot where Facebook invites the question: What is on your mind?

It’s brilliant!

This week, share with us your all-time favourite quote. Yes, choose only one. Share with us all the reasons this quote supports and inspires you. Where did you first read it? What time in your life did it arrive? How does it connect you to your bigger picture, or volume of work? Is it about who said it, or is it the words? 

Quotes are a beautiful and simple way to stay inspired, keep yourself focused on your goals, or raise your vibration in a moment of wobble.

In someone else’s best words, how do you do?!

Have a fabulous week Ladies!

Be inspired!


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