Discussion Topic for the Week of June 11 – The Perfect Process of Living

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Ok Ladies.

This week, let’s have a little fun with our favourite nemesis. Let’s get up close and personal with the perfectionist. Let’s take her out on the town, give her a few drinks, and have a party. It’s patio season after all!

One of the most limiting energies, thoughts, or behaviours – hard to determine in which layer of ourselves it lives, it’s all of them combined – is the element of perfectionism. As women, in all the roles that we play in life, we are hardwired to do our very best, and subsequently this is the exact reason we have success in all those roles we play in life.

We have great businesses. We have happy and healthy families. We have supportive and bonded friendships. We have beaufiful homes.

We take exceptional care in the things that we do.

The unfortunate side-effect of the ability to provide exceptional “work”, is that it also lays the ground for self-criticism, over scrutiny, second guessing, and in some cases a hiding of our greatest gifts and work. This in turn causes a frustrating decrease in the momentum of joy and accomplishment, and often the project itself.

For your post this week, choose one thing you do – or about yourself – where you hesitate or limit because you don’t do it perfectly. Do it anyway. Do it lots. The prescription is one to three times a day. Create some ease and joy around it. 

OR… in keeping with a “choose your own adventure” theme, choose something you don’t need to do perfectly, but you enjoy, and let that be your guide this week. Let that wake up your connection to joy over perfection, rather than the reverse.

The rules: This is meant to be a FUN topic, but it is also a very woman-centric issue, so has the potential to be laced with societal victimhood that does not belong to you. Enjoy the efforts of your own conscious living. Enjoy the intentions of this container. What does your ability to deliver an exceptional “product” have the potential to bring to you in your life? What are the positive benefits of showing your inner perfectionist a good time?

The perfect process of living. It’s not about imperfection. It’s about enjoying the amazing things that you do.



Cin Cin!

Let’s raise a glass to the perfect week!

Here’s to separating what you offer to the world from your limitations.


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