Discussion Topic for the Week of June 18 – Good Enough

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Hi Ladies!

Let’s get right to it. The concept of “good enough” has been hiding out behind the scenes, for longer than we care to admit – in ourselves, in our loved ones, and in our most cherished and respected icons. It’s a bizarre and sticky filter which many of us view our lives though, and at the same time, hide from view. No one would ever dream we feel that about ourselves; even our closest loved ones would be surprised.

When this community formed, it was created as a way for a few of us to support each other with the self-confidence needed to achieve our dream-lives and goals. When we gathered around the weekly topic and shared our thoughts and feelings, we were invited to show up as our best selves. We were encouraged to brag a little, “shine” a lot, and share our achievements and gifts without having to be small or humble, for fear of out-shining someone else. We agreed to witness and reflect these shares in celebration.

We agreed to never criticize. We agreed to never coach each other. We agreed to never “fix each other’s crowns.” In this community we are committed to being and supporting the “real you,” the one that is extraordinary.

This week, let’s tackle to the ground that icky and cultural soul-sucking energy that is “not good enough.” We are a powerful force for each other, and it’s clear we are beginning to influence the women who read us in a positive way, as well. That feedback is coming from all over the world now. It’s pretty exciting to see how our work here, where we explore our own development in a positive way, can affect and change the world around us. 

This week, let’s challenge ourselves to break the hold that our cultural delusion “not good enough” has on us. Women need it. Men need it. Children need to witness adults who operate from the energy of “I am worth it; I am loved.”

Here’s the challenge:

Decide you are good enough. Make that choice in your heart.

Pick one thing you can do for yourself in your life that shows YOU you are good enough, that you are worthy, that you are valuable. 

DO that thing for yourself all week. Do it as if you were doing it for the Queen!

Share with us that thing you do. Give us examples of those little things we can do to break the spell of “not good enough”. 

This week, show yourself you are good enough. No one can do that for you, and it’s so important to stand together in this energy – for ourselves and for the community outside the private forum that we are clearly beginning to influence.

Let’s show the world how easy it is to be “good enough.”

It’s simple.

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