Discussion Topic for the Week of June 4 – Somewhere Some Flowers

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hello Ladies!

Our discussions are always connected to the world we see around us, the world we are in, of which we are a part. This community is rooted in the bigger picture discussion we are having about who we are in this huge and beautiful world. Who are we and what are we doing? What are we achieving? What are we enjoying? Dare I say, that inside each week’s discussion is the meaning of life – this is the essence of the space between us, each other, and the rest of the world.

It’s a beautiful thing to think of our conversations that way. The searching for meaning suddenly becomes the joy of the exploration, of the experience. We are what it means to be living, to be life itself. 

The last couple of weeks have been dedicated to that deep part of all of us, where we are connected and invigorated by the change in season around us. It’s been a literal and figurative grounding in, the planting of seeds, and the dreaming of the gardens to quickly come. And they do! The flowers are already here, each having their own incredible cycle of exploding beauty, the magnolias and the tulips suddenly becoming the cherry blossoms, who in turn hand themselves over to the lilacs.

This week, tell us about your favourite flower. Tell us the story around what makes it your favourite flower. Is it the first sign of spring? Is it the way it smells? Is it the colour? Does it remind you of a favourite moment? A favourite person? Is it the heart of your garden design?

Our conversations always have purpose. Sometimes it’s the challenge of the topic, sometimes it’s the clarity it provides, and sometimes it is just to know each other more deeply. We are diverse bunch! Let’s explore this way of getting to know each other better, just because. Like life, the most meaning occurs in those moments when we stop to smell the roses.

What is it about that beautiful thing?!

What does your favourite flower mean to you?

Tell us that story of you.

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