Discussion Topic for the Week of Feb. 19 – 90’s Girl

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hi Ladies!

Our community is growing and we are beginning to launch ourselves out into the world. These are exciting times!

Our conversations have always been a source of inspiration and creative contemplation, and as we include more and more women into the fold, we also have the opportunity to explore more diverse topics each week. It’s such a beautiful thing to have a woman join us, bringing with her a new and interesting slice of life.

This week’s discussion focus is all about our futures. In our conversations we are simultaneously dreaming of our future, and grounding ourselves in our present life. It’s an interesting paradox!

This week though, let’s get practical about those dreams.

Quite simply:

What do you want your life to be when you are 90?

In your post this week, share with us all of the things you hope your 90 year old self is doing, feeling, and thinking.

Bonus: notice all of the different perspectives we have in this community, especially because it is still young. It’s a small group, and there will be many different answers to this discussion challenge.

It’s amazing to have many perspectives present. Thank you Ladies!

Have a fabulous week.

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