Discussion Topic for the Week of July 9 – Do Something That Scares You

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hello Ladies!

After last week’s Artist Date awesomeness, let’s do another topic-fave! It’s summer, and we are footloose and fancy free. Let’s get reckless and wild and abandon the rules! The inner rules anyway. You know, the ones that prevent you from doing something crazy-fantastic!

Well, truth is Ladies, you’re already doing crazy amazing things! You’re already changing the way the world of woman views herself, thinks about her life, and perceives her possibilities. It’s not really a news flash, except to your ego – you know, that little wiggly woman inside of you that whispers in your ear that you can’t do it.

“It’s too scary,” she says. And you listen, because you love her; you respect her.

Then 10 minutes later, that other part of you – the fierce, wild and limitless you – craves another tear into the flesh of life. And she says: “Just do it!”

It’s an amazing and exhausting cycle, where in truth, these two beautiful parts of you get together on Fridays and have cocktails on the patio. The truth is, these two parts of you are a team, and they work really well together. It’s the brains and the braun, so to speak.

Our topic to bring these two beautiful parts of woman together more consciously, is “do something every day that scares you.” We love it, and in the private forum it has always been such an enlivening conversation, where we get to challenge ourselves and cheer each other on. These days, though the public blog supports a more thorough exploration of this topic, and this week we will express that evolution in our community project.

For your share this week, choose one single thing that scares you, and do it. Especially if it’s scary! Choose something big or small. Choose something your mind relates to your individual work or vision. Or, choose something unrelated, wild and free – maybe something you have always wanted to do, but wouldn’t dare. It could be a roller coaster ride, a headstand, asking your boss for a raise, or calling a meeting with an influencer in your network.

Make it a good one.

The idea is to create that sense of self-confidence and self-assurance that only you can produce for yourself. The dare of “just do it”, instantly becomes “oh yeah, I did!” Your subconscious will use this as data in later negotioations between your wild woman and your wee ego.

You know you can.

Double-dog dare, scaredy cat!


(Bon Apetit)

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