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Over the years I’ve been in many personal development courses, and in pretty much in every one of them the vision exercise comes up. “Write down in great detail your vision of where you will be (example) 5 years from now.” Right there my answer flopped from either, “How the hell do I know??!!” or “Star Commander of the Universe” depending on the mood I was in. I don’t “see” where I’m going, but I know that it’s in “that direction”. I can’t paint the picture of where “there” is, but I know what it feels like. In a lot of ways it’s frustrating because my vision isn’t something that I can put into words. Or can it be?

As I reflect over my life I recall when the proverbial thunderbolt of “is this all there is?” hit me and I began my quest, my search for something more. (Spoiler alert: it was a few months after I graduated college and was in my career that my parents were thrilled about me having.) To say that my feet were restless was an understatement. I moved locations, switched jobs, changed careers a couple (or more) times, got married in the meantime, changed sports all based on that feeling of having to go “there”. I didn’t know why, just knew I had to go and in that direction, for better or for worse.

Fast forward to where I am now, in the happiest place of my life. I’m an athlete, an artist, a blogger, mentor, chicken farmer, and probably the list is longer if I thought more about it. There’s a saying that if we knew what God/Universe had in store for us, our minds would be blown away. I’ve wondered what the major plan for me is and since my thunderbolt moment I’ve been seeking to find that out and through it all, I’ve discovered that my vision is to be the best version of me by striving for and living my goals, dreams, and desires. To accept those challenges, take those risks, dare to have, “What’s the worst that can happen?” as my mantra. In short, my vision is to have it all is according to me and God/Universe. How I express my vision is through my art, running, adventures, mentoring, blogging, farming, among other things I am interested in.

In truth what’s my vision? To be the Star Commander of MY Universe, details TBA. As for now, I’m going in “that” direction because that’s where I’m led to go. It’s like having a paper map. I know where I”m going, but full details will be disclosed throughout my journey and more so when I arrive. It’s a need-to-know basis, when I need to know, I will be informed. Ooooh, much fun and excitement awaits!!

Written by: Sherri Donohue; Trailrunner’s Journey


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