Happiness in Being

Happiness in Being. Sabine Roggermeier is an international woman of profound beauty and resolve. Having succeeded past the constraint of clinical depression, this incredible woman has taken on the loving task of speaking into other women’s lives from the perspective of having not only survived, but benefited from this dis-ease. Her commitment to her readers is that they feel seen and understood.

  • Sabine Roggermeier
    Sabine Roggermeier Writer and Community Mentor

Connect it Consciously

Reading this week’s topic my brain did a very surprising thing, especially as we’re talking about the “I have to be/do perfect”-syndrome (closely related to the “I have to control”-syndrome). It [...]


I was meant to go to an event this prior weekend, but due to a massive onset of winter here in Bavaria it got cancelled and the suggestion was given to use the freed-up time to enjoy the snow. [...]

Brownie Points

A sure recipe for success, wouldn’t that be wonderful to have? Especially at this time of year! For me to know what you need do to be successful is a personal matter. You need to know what keeps [...]