Happy Feet

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Written by: Sherri Donohue; Trailrunner’s Journey


For both training and racing, the most important equipment I put my trust in is my shoes. Because of the distances I go (ultra-marathons), the happier and more protected my feet are, the better my race goes, and the happier I am as a result. Simply put, I wholeheartedly trust my shoes to carry me and my feet across the finish line. Sometimes there can be a glitch, but my shoes and I have a bond and a form of communication. They let me know when it’s time to switch to the next pair so that I can keep on going. The key on my part is that I have to listen, which I have learned to do.

So what’s with the rubber boots if I race in shoes? I knew before a particular race I was in that the course was already wet and saturated, and the forecast was calling for another dump of rain midway through the race. With the temperatures just above freezing, I had to go to the one piece of gear that I knew would keep my feet happy and dry: my chore boots. My red rubber chore boots saved my race and honestly, my happiness. Trust the process, trust the training, trust the shoes.



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