Shine Your Light.

Pack your bags, you’re going on an adventure! Your travel guide is author and collaborative visionary, Andrea Hylen. Each week she brings the writer’s world on line and into our hearts, bona fide.

Remember to Dance

Okay, so we are calling out the underbelly, the monster in the closet, the thing that holds us back from creating or having what we want. A few weeks ago, I shared my words, my intention for the [...]

Tools of the Heart

Walking on Venice Beach in California today, I had a flash of a memory. It was 1987, I was in a court battle with my soon to be ex-husband and he was trying to prove that I was an unfit mother. [...]

Redefine Adventure

2019: This is my year of Adventure and Self-determination where I am Audaciously Redefining my life. “Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and [...]

Live the Love

The first Christmas I spent alone was in 2011. My youngest daughter and I were living in Los Angeles, California and she had signed up for a holiday pet sitting gig. When a friend of ours had a [...]