I Am Aware

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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

Huna Principle #1 Ike (ee- kay) tells us the world is what you think it is. Calling you to be aware. Awareness for me is key.

When I am aware, truly in my body and thoughts, I can easily call out the “monster” and see it for the illusion it is. When I am not aware, which happens, then the illusion feels real. The struggle feels real. It’s a story. Like the story below.

Once upon a time, just this past week actually, the heroine, me, was venturing fearlessly into her future knowing that the plans are in place the intentions are laid and nothing could derail me. Ego came in. Meditations were optional and moving my body was less, and getting outdoors even lesser. Read here, my ways to reconnect to my awareness were not tapped into. Cue scary music. The monster came in. For me it’s self sabotage. And it tested me, er I mean the heroine, in the form of seizures, in the form of an unexpected and difficult medical diagnosis. Tired, frustrated and tears were all present along with falling off the healthy eating wagon by self soothing with food. Dun dun dun….

And then, the heroine broke out of her trance and REMEMBERED the truth was that she was in command of the story. She could turn the page and start the minute fresh. The day was not lost, in fact she turned around the day by stopping midway through to move her body and connect outdoors with nature. The cardinals chirped in the trees and swooped down as the heroine walked along, as if to say welcome back to awareness. And what a gift it was to find that again.

Tame your monster and sink into your awareness here with this 5 minute Huna healing meditation to bring you back to your awareness.

With love and light to you all.



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