I Really Love Running

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Written by: Sherri Donohue; Trail Runner’s Journey


Okay, so I combined a couple of emojis to make my own because one emoji alone didn’t quite do it for me.

The other day I was asked what runners are running to or running from. My response was that in my case I’m running to. Other than the next aid station, the finish line, or in the case of a treadmill the time being up what am I running to? Good question and here are some answers:

A better version of me and my fitness.

A better understanding of myself which leads to a greater acceptance of me.

More appreciation for where I run.

More clarity on an idea, an issue to be solved, or the allowing of an idea to announce itself.

Being able to say I love running, I love training without feeling the need to explain myself.

A partial list, but a list indeed. Of course with any run, there’s always a time when it’s over and the caloric replenishment takes place and usually, the flavor of chocolate is in there somewhere.



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