The Self-Love Lifestyle.

The Self-Love Lifestyle. This essential perspective of our community is founded and facilitated by the beautiful and courageous Krystle Rhea. It is in fact her commitment to herself that grounds and inspires the lives of her children – and the rest of us. This is a forgotten gift inside the walls of women’s culture. We are the centre. Take good care.

  • Krystle Rhea
    Krystle Rhea Writer and Community Mentor

And Grace, Too

Someone could look at this flower and say “its not symmetrical”, “it smells too fragrant”, or maybe “it is too open”. But for one person, it can be perfect. Perfection looks different for each [...]

Just Let it Be

I love talking about what makes us tick. Who are we? What do we love? What motivates us and keeps us inspired? But let’s switch gears for a moment to ponder what it is that holds us back? For me? [...]

Self Love Moments

For 2019, I have set my intention to take the time for myself each day to make my soul happy.  Filling myself up with love and appreciation is something that I truly need in order to keep me [...]