Managing Your Emotions 2.0

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Hello Ladies!

It feels like we have only scratched the surface with our conversation about managing emotions. Let’s allow that conversation to continue.

This week, continue to stay centered in your emotions, How do they influence your daily affairs and how do they affect your big picture goals? How do you manage them?

How do you weather the inner storm?

Again, here is last week’s topic post as a reminder:

The even better thing about this, with respect to our personal growth mission together, is that we are also given the opportunity to have a conversation about the similar experiences we have daily with this exact kind of “inner weather” changes.

As women, a great percentage of our decisions and actions are based on how we feel. For some of us, how we feel inside is the only “factor” we use to make decisions. And, at the same time, we want. We have goals. We take actions towards the achievement of those goals. 

We move forward in our lives, always balancing the inner and outer landscape. Our very lives are created by the relationship between our emotions and our minds.

This partnership is living from the heart. It is evolution.

This week, share some of those experiences where you negotiate and balance your innermost feelings, what your mind wants, and what is also determined by your environment (circumstances and relationships). 

How do you feel? What do you express? How do you work your practical “life” around your inner life?

How the heck do YOU do this?!

As women, we do this almost without thinking. We have the opportunity here to do this more easily by having this conversation.

Go forward with ease.

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