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I sometimes find it tough when asked to talk about my expertise. At first I feel as though it’s bragging or showboating – but wait! Someone has actually asked me, which must mean I have permission. And then I cringe at the thought of needing validation or permission. We all have a purpose here on earth. No shame in it, and it’s not bragging, it’s simply truth. When I look at the expertise question and re-frame it from the lens of my expertise as my truth, the idea of sharing my gifts feels right.

So what am I an expert in? What is my truth?

1. Giving of myself. Since I can remember I have always been driven by the need to be of service; the feeling that I have something to offer, give or share to support others. I always try to leave any interaction with both parties leaving feeling better than when the interaction started.  I feel connected to others so strongly so it’s no surprise to me to want to strengthen that connection with others by giving. Giving is rewarding. It’s a gift back to myself. I can’t put a value on the satisfaction that comes from having made a positive impact to someone. This expertise though comes with a slippery slope when the giving of myself is so much that it leaves no time for my own self care, or giving to myself. This is definitely a work in progress for me. I often use the visual of not being able to pour from an empty cup. This visualization helps to keep me focused on my second expertise.

2. Energy Healer

I discovered energy healing as an attempt to fix my son when traditional medications and treatments had failed. I sought the healing treatments for him, but I’m the one who has benefited the most. Going through that awakened this need from deep inside, the need to bring this forward, to share this. For the first time I understood what people referred to when, “finding your passion, it won’t feel like work.” I finally felt at home. Of course, the lifelong learner in me wanted more, so I studied and practiced and practiced some more. Much to the amusement of those around me who dared utter that they had a headache, backache, or toothache! “Let me work on that!”And the more I worked with the energy the more drunk with exhilaration I got. Aches turned into long standing chronic illnesses or emotional issues. It worked the same, the stuck energy (manifested as pain, disease, emotional distress) cleared. Every time!

I love Huna. It’s not as mainstream as Reiki, yet the benefits are just as huge. I give more information on my FB page if you want to delve a bit deeper into Huna. I practice at home, I practice in client’s homes. I work with clients who live or remotely, based on the specific situation. My goal is to bring energy healing to the mainstream. My even bigger goal is to open a healing centre providing multiple healing modalities all in one place. This is my passion, my life’s purpose.

And two gives rise to three – Pioneer: I have stumbled really into this expertise by sheer coincidence of the many lessons that have popped up. Energy healing is not mainstream. Many people have opinions. Some favourable, some less so. The hardest part is to stay steadfast in the truth, and not be swayed by the naysayers, regardless of how loud they yell, or condemn, or even attack. The knowledge of the power of energy healing helps to keep me in the truth, and while you may yell louder than me, my heart yells the loudest for the truth!

Another pioneering for me is in the space of advocacy for removing barriers and stigma around the use of cannabis  (CBD) for medicinal purposes. The stigma here is huge, from medical staff at the children’s hospital to parents (or non-parents) who judge harshly the choices we make for our family. Again I stand tall and shine my inner light and knowing to help educate. Did you know that our brains actually have CBD receptors? Do you know what that means? We have evolved and adapted our brains to actually use CBD. Hmm, makes you think. I like to use humour and science with a dose of compassion when dealing with naysayers.

These three expertise fuel me to learn more and become even more expert, and to share, share the good, the bad, the truth. Such a thrill ride!

****I’ve included a collage of the healing space. It’s a haven for me and for all those who come for healings. I am bursting at the seams to be able to share this gift in this way:)

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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