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Join Melanie Groves  – mother, corporate team-builder, CBD Advocate, and Huna Practitioner. Each week, she takes us on a journey into the practical world of the modern Healer, where all things are connected: family, occupation, wellness and creativity.

  • Melanie Groves
    Melanie Groves

Starting With Me

A few posts ago I talked about my intentions for the year. Which in brief were linked to nourishing every part of my life. In the food and care I give myself and in the care I give out to others. [...]


Ignorance is bliss. When I started on this self-awareness journey I didn’t know what I know now. And I have worked on myself. Really worked on uncovering who I am, what the things that hold [...]

The OTHER F-Word

Well I guess there is no escaping it. It’s shown up all week. It crept into my yoga practice. It reared it’s head at the office. It peaked out unexpectedly on a coffee catch-up. And [...]