Hi! My name is Sabine, and I live in Munich, Bavaria. I feel blessed to have been born and raised in this beautiful and gorgeous southern part of Germany. And since it’s really amazing to live here I couldn’t get myself to move away yet.

I have worked in the fields of finances and taxes for twenty plus years. And while I was good at it and also successful, I started to realize that my job and me weren’t a match made in heaven for several reasons a few years back. And that it led me into a serious health crisis that included depression and being burn out. I realized that I wasn’t my depression, but that the depression rather was a symptom of how I had lived my life and that it wanted to teach me. I think that was the most important awareness in order to be able to move out of it. Yes, it was a long journey that took a lot of dedication, yet I moved through it and came out the other side that much stronger and clearer for it.

Why did you join Consciously Woman?

I was invited to join by someone I trust more than most other people on this planet, and boy, did it turn out to be the right move. At first I thought it might be nice to connect with women in other places in the world, literally and figuratively speaking. But it turned out to be a reliable motor for positive change as well as a source of validation and being seen for who I really am.

What is your vision?

For myself: I want to consciously live my life according to what’s true for me and create a coaching practice using the Emotion Code, a method to help let go of emotional baggage that keeps people stuck.

For my clients: I want women to experience that they can come out of the other side of their personal crisis stronger and better equipped to live as the awesome woman they are.

For my readers: I want them to know they are being seen and understood.