Take a “Vacation”

 In Trailrunner's Journey, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Sherri Donohue; Trail Runner’s Journey


Uncertainty or not, I’m training because it’s 1) who I am and 2) keeps me grounded and sane 3) gives my life purpose. Between running, strength, yoga, mobility, and rolling, my training hours are that of a part-time job and I love what I do. However that doesn’t mean that my training schedule is written in stone, it’s written in pencil.

When I need to, be it mentally, physically, or even both, I take a mini-vacation from training. By taking this “vacation” I allow myself to miss what I love to do and because of that, I always return. But, only when I’m ready. Sometimes it’s sooner, sometimes it’s later (like after a major race), but the passion yearns and I must go back to my running shoes and what I love the most.



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