Adrienne YeardyeWriter, Homeopath, Glass Artist

Welcome! I’m Adrienne. I am a skier, a Homeopath, a writer, a glass artist, and the Founder of en Watür. I explore.

Where ever I am, I am governed by a thirst for experience, fearlessness, and the incredible feeling of freedom. That place travels with me. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is me. Or, maybe it is just my pleasure to give this cocktail of energies big legs and a giant smile.

I have studied with Homeopaths from around the world. After 18 years in practice myself, I am now dedicated to bringing homeopathic medicine, along with its supportive lifestyle philosophies, to the forefront of modern and accessible health care.

I am deeply committed to empowering today’s “patient.” That person is all of us, and we are more than the sum of our weaknesses. We are the future of life itself.

Other projects:

I am a contributing writer for Peaceful Living Wellness.

Read my creative writing at Anontropolis.com

Check out my glass beads at Adrienne Yeardye Glassworks.

Latest Contributions

The Bonds of Love Part Two

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis   Here we are, always growing, changing, and moving forward into lighter and more aligned thoughts and actions. And together. This is not a unique experience. I mean it’s 2022. What is unique about our exchange, however, has been our commitment to moving life itself forward from our connection – […]

The Bonds of Love Part One

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye, Anontropolis   It’s the New Moon. For me in my journey of facilitating this incredible project, the next month is about implementing the changes I have been seeking. I’ve had great teachers in my life, but none as challenging as this stewardship. For me, there is no forward except in strength […]

Lone Gunwoman

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis   This is a drive-by shooting of a discussion topic for the week… but you’ll get it. It’s the sign of our times, and it’s a sign we can use to direct us in any given conversation. Conscious conversation is both a weapon and a powerful creator. I don’t watch […]

You Are the Sign

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis   Ladies,   Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Be instead, the sign they were looking for. Be the reflection of their uncommon joy. We’re always looking to create a call to action in each other’s minds with our posts here. It’s more about what we can take away […]

Watch Your Language

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis   Ladies, Language is everything. It is the great connector. It is the great innovator. In our culture, we are taught as kids to “watch our language,” not to swear. We are asked to speak nicely. We are trained that how we speak to people is the first way we […]

Meme You, Too

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis   Ladies, Leadership is her own woman.  She whirls around the world, borrowing our bodies, and using our voices to care for her kingdom. She speaks through us in ways that she knows we can deliver a message, and that it will be received. It’s natural order, and natural human […]

Bringing Back Reality

Ladies,   I am on a very big mission to bring back reality.    I have, after all, travelled to the edge of the Earth to experience my own. I’ve taken it as far out on the town as I could go. It’s been a blast of a ride, and I assure you, the Earth […]

This Week’s Topic – By the Moon

Ladies,   Reality is a broad and amazing thing.   I was joking with a friend the other day that Covid is a portal. This was in jest of course, because when you boil me down to the sinew, I’m definitely a realist. It’s real. It’s just a cold, but like any and all cold […]

This Week’s Topic – The Vulnerability Game

Ladies, Straight up. After 2 1/2 weeks at Camp Covid, I want to turn the world on it’s head. I do feel like a bit of a hybrid, now having been on the inside. More than ever, I wish the world can learn to think differently. More than ever, I feel brave and new. More […]

This Week’s Topic – Allegory of a Cave, Woman

Ladies,   Welcome to part 2 of getting selfish.   Plato’s Allegory of a Cave. It’s the original Socratic dialogue that inspired so many great works, ideas and solutions that we are familiar with in our culture. At it’s core, it challenges our interpretation of reality, just like The Matrix does today. The choice is […]

This Week’s Topic – The Treasure in Your Own Reflection

Ladies,   This one will be a tough one – but well worth the focus. It’s also part one of two, so we’ll keep part one tight. Selfish. Let’s go straight there.    During a quick back and forth thread in the community conversation here, we touched on the deep training we all have – […]

This Week’s Topic – Juicy Fruitin’

Ladies!   Mocktails are the new cocktails, and tall tales are the new news. We’re the generation that was raised on the phrase “don’t believe everything that you read.” It’s pretty fancy and high-minded, but how are we really doing with that? No one is keeping score anymore, so it’s up to us as individuals […]

This Week’s Topic – Lean In

Ladies,   We’re getting our lean on this week. Are you leaning in? Are you leaning out? Is leaning out the new leaning in?   This does feel a bit like a Sex and the City episode where the main characters, all so different, inspire us with their weekly adventures to ponder something critical about […]

This Week’s Topic – Dream Bright, Effingshine Bear

Photo Credit: Basic Fun!’s newest Care Bear, Dream Bright Bear! | Source: Basic Fun! / the Toy Insider   Ladies!   In the midst of Chaos, we do have fun here. We take that out into the world like a belly full of Love. It sticks to your ribs.   Here’s a little article to […]

This Week’s Topic – What is Your Superpower?

Ladies,   It’s been a really long time since we’ve done this topic – probably years, in fact. What is your superpower? We used to do it in the context of what is the best or strongest skill or trait that you have or are. We did it as a way to create confidence and […]

This Week’s Topic – Best Seller List

Ladies, It’s all about focus. Where do you focus your intentions, and on what is your mind focused? What’s running in the back ground? What’s your unconscious starting point? What protects your imagination ability? We are triggered into the chaos, into participating in the lower vibrations. It’s natural to want to be there to lend […]

This Week’s Topic: The Great Divide

Ladies,   The Great Divide is a place on the map, marked by where the water flows in opposite directions – towards the Atlantic Ocean or towards the Pacific Ocean. It is as real as it is metaphorical.   This place exists in all that we do, and more than ever in all the things […]

This Week’s Topic – Look Out

Ladies,   Energy flows where attention goes. It’s electric. It’s not just a spiritual philosophy, it’s the foundation of all things, seen and unseen, felt and ignored, or understood and passed on. We are hardwired to read, perceive, process, filter, transform, and propagate energy – or information. It’s in our nature.   This week, take […]

This Week’s Topic – Love Is…

Ladies, Love is now. It’s not tomorrow, or the next day, or thinking about it. Or worse, planning to think about it next week when you have the space. It’s now. Last week’s article from Sabine Roggermeier is one of those ones we’re going to swim around in together for another week – especially with […]

This Week’s Topic – You Do You

Ladies,   Times they are a’ changin’. They are ever-changing like a pop song on AM radio! And… that’s a great thing, because it creates a vacuum of sorts where you get to experience the true stability of your own self.  Take this into the streets this week.    What are a few things about […]

Let’s Get Social

Ladies, In our world of coffee, and not the sleep, it is more important than ever to choose our automated emotional input. Our social media is both a toxin and an essential nutrient in this regard, and arguably the most readily available driver. Our topic this week is two-fold, where like any healthy change, we […]

This Week’s Topic – Mission Possible

Ladies! We’ve changed our name but not our outlook. We’re still us, and I’m still me! I’m 100% committed to bringing back reality. By consciously choosing the people and energies we spend the most time with, we create the best future possible for ourselves and the people we love. We create our own reality, and […]

This Week’s Topic – Get Your Want On

  Yes! Think BIG.    Bigger, still. It’s 2022!   Are you a wish? Or a wish come true.   What do you dream of? Tell us!  WE make it happen. That’s how we roll.   Here’s the Ted Talk that inspired us this week:   Enjoy! It’s 20 ish minutes… makes a great coffee […]

This Week’s Topic: What’s in a Word?

Welcome to 2022!   We’re setting sail. We’ve got our new intentions in one hand and a sexy glass of cheer in the other. It’s going to be a year like no other in history – that’s the word on the street!   What is your word for the new year?  It ain’t no cliche! This is […]

This Week’s Discussion – New Year’s Intention

Ladies! Happy Happy New Year! We have so much fun celebrating our lives and our growth together. Ours is a connection built on love and kindness, on joy—our bond and support of each other is extraordinary. We are, indeed, a visionary collaboration of women. This is a particularly special year to celebrate friends, family, the […]

This Week’s Discussion – Cause For Applause

Ladies! ‘Tis the season for giving and receiving—and giving even more! With the holiday celebrations well underway, we have the opportunity to take a break from striving or focusing on our own individual goals. And… that’s exactly who we are! As a community, we help to keep each other focused on our goals, and the […]

This Week’s Topic – It’s Tradition!

Happy Holidays Ladies! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The song is true! It’s giving, receiving, fancy decorations, holiday cheer, good food, and lots of love shared between family and friends. It’s also the time of year where we engage in traditions of all kinds as we are celebrating. It’s the time of […]

This Week’s Topic – Here We Go!

Ladies! We’re doin’ it! We’re heading into the holidays! The recipe for crème brûlée is out on the counter and we have a secret Santa gift tucked neatly under each arm, for just those sudden moments of impromptu needed-love. We are safely gathering. We are cooking up a storm! We are swirling and sparkling through […]

This Week’s Topic – Eye of the Beholder

Ladies! This week’s topic is inspired by this graffiti art in a parking lot. It’s called: Zen and the Art of Small Business Maintenance. I can explain: I had jammed myself into the last possible moment to purchase silver chains from the wholesaler in Toronto. Somehow, they’re open. Traffic was bad, but accounted for. Beads […]

This Week’s Topic – Game On

Hello Ladies! Positive people have a natural mind-set that is as natural as it is choiceful. In turn, our choiceful focus is an act of Creation. When we do it together? That’s the stuff of revolution, of change, of a new and heart-centred world. We built this community from that exact mind-set, and as we […]

This Week’s Topic – Thank You for Shopping Local!

Hello Ladies!   Let the hunt begin! We’re gearing up for the holiday season already, and so starteth the holiday gift shopping too! We’re well ahead of the rush, which gives us lots of time to meander the shops. In fact, many of them will figuratively invite you in for tea! It’s a beautiful opportunity […]

This Week’s Topic – The Artist Date

Ladies! Creativity. This week, let’s explore our creativity. We’ve done this before of course, but it’s such a fun practice. It’s the perfect energy to ground the evolution of our community. The Artist Date:  This is a practice many of us already do and love because of a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. […]

This Week’s Topic – It Ain’t So Scary!

Ladies! We know and love this topic, and it’s been forever and a day since we’ve scared ourselves silly! You know it! This week, “do something every day that scares you.” This famous quote from Eleanor Rooselvelt is inspiring, and so very motivating. It makes you feel like you can do anything. Of course you can! […]

This Week’s Topic – The Skin You’re In

Ladies! Last week’s topic was all about the shark in the water—self-deprecating.  You’re swimming along, the water is fine, the company is delightful, when all of a sudden you find yourself cracking jokes about yourself, and calling yourself names. “I’m such a…”, then “lol”, she says Shut the front door! What the… STOP that right […]

This Week’s Topic – What’s in a Name?

Ladies! We’re in the sweet spot—harvest, gratitude, incredible weather, Thanksgiving season, and pulling all those fun sweaters out of storage. We feel amazing! Pass the cranberries! They’re gorgeous too! We bring huge and beautiful energy into all of our conversations when we feel like this. We are attracting opportunities to share that energy, to lead […]

This Week’s Topic – Happy Thanksgiving!

Ladies! We LOVE this time of year, especially! It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s time to be out in Nature. It’s time to be with friends and family. So, quite naturally, we are surrounded by love and gratitude for all that we have. This week, share with us 1 – 3 things you are grateful for. […]

This Week’s Topic – Harvest Moon

Ladies! This is a particularly special topic this week, because we are celebrating ourselves—whoop whoop!  I’ll bet we don’t even remember why! That’s how women are. We so often forget to acknowledge our accomplishments. Remember way back in the Spring when you planted a seed you wanted to grow over the Summer? Well, that’s where […]

This Week’s Topic – Teacher, Teacher! Can You Teach Me?!

Well, Ladies… Yes you can! Our topic this week is as simple as that. What do you want to teach? In this community—and our community at large—we are all trailblazers. In our own individual and unique ways, each of us is a mentor and a teacher to the people around us. We have businesses, wellness […]

This Week’s Topic – Never Stop Learning

Ladies! It’s still a given, even in the new normal.  The world is your oyster , and you are a learner. Pass the beer nuts! This week, let’s ride the brave wave being created by the back-to-schoolers. They’re still lucky! (Even in the new normal!) Fresh books. Cool profs. The latest in Bluetooth morning alarm […]

This Week’s Topic – Back to School… Already?!

Ladies! It’s been a very interesting “best Summer evvarr”, take two! Coolest thing about Summer holidays, though? Every Summer is the best holiday ever! Rinse. Repeat! It’s the chewy centre that is always under scrutiny ha! Back to school! Coolest thing about Summer coming to an end, though? Every new school year is the best […]

This Week’s Topic – Pay it Forward

Ladies! This will be a fun one to end off our fabulous Summer together. Pay it forward! This topic needs almost no introduction. It is the beautiful and growing cultural practice of doing something nice for someone, after having received something nice from someone else. We can land anywhere on that cycle and it feels […]

This Week’s Topic – You Got Some Splainin’ To Do

Ladies! Drum roll please… this week’s topic is a nexus of sorts and connects the concepts we have been discussing for the past couple of weeks with the practical.  That is exactly our community mission: making the abstract concepts of change practical and usable in our daily lives. Let’s dive in. We know what we […]

This Week’s Topic – Situation Overwhelm

Happy Awesome, Ladies! We are into the cruisy part of summer. Days are long and sunny, and the nights are cool and peaceful. The leaves are russtly, the garden is growing and our bodies have settled into a brilliant pace, governed by relaxation. It is exactly that time of year! I think we could safely […]

This Week’s Topic – Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Ladies! Our Summer vacation “series” has had its positive way with us! We are light, free and fresh as daisies! It’s been co-enlivening to get to know each other this way. Part of our action-mission here together in this community is to begin to prioritise differently, by putting our personal lives first. Family, friends, free […]

This Week’s Topic – The Raspberries Become the Macaroon

Ladies! People will be jealous. This group vacation is unstoppable! As we well know, the best skill in personal growth is the ability to follow the thread of positive expansion. Sometimes that is a feeling, sometimes an accomplishment or wish come true, sometimes a pull towards and idea or interaction, and sometimes it becomes apparent […]

This Week’s Topic – Your Favourite Childhood Vacation

Ladies! Call the airline! Change your flights! This is turning into one of those real-life vacations, where you extend your stay because you are having such a fabulous time! Let’s extend our stay-cation from our own personal growth and lounge around for another week in our collective Summer splendor. This week, share with us your […]

This Week’s Topic – Be Cool

Ladies! Be cool! It’s Summertime and the livin’ is easy. This week is part two of our vacation series, where we relax into the days, and allow ourselves to be inspired by the beauty of life in slower motion. But yes, it’s getting hot out there! We’re in the heat of it all! In times […]

This Week’s Topic – Summertime! And the Livin’ is Easy.

Ladies! Happy Summer! We’re in the thick of it – the heat, the sun, the free time, the luxury of it. It just feels so amazing! This week, let’s take a summer vacation of sorts. Let’s lay down our self-improvement swords, pour ourselves something long and cool… and create a fabulous meal! It’s that time […]

Managing Your Emotions 2.0

Hello Ladies! It feels like we have only scratched the surface with our conversation about managing emotions. Let’s allow that conversation to continue. This week, continue to stay centered in your emotions, How do they influence your daily affairs and how do they affect your big picture goals? How do you manage them? How do […]

This Week’s Topic – Bring Your Best Self

Welcome Ladies! We are having a new beginning of sorts… Let’s take this opportunity to jump on the wave of the “new beginnings” vibes. What’s that Marigold? Well, we have just spent the last two weeks talking about our intuition — acknowledging it, encouraging it in ourselves and each other, normalising it, and recognising it […]

This Week’s Topic – Know Your Yes

Ladies. Last week was probably one of the most important conversations we’ve ever had here in this community. What started as a fun romp through our daily lives hand in hand with our intuition, immediately opened up into a conversation about the value and practical use of our intuition – how we already use it, […]

Orange Nation Army

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Immersion Coaching   It was a big week in my world – all roads leading to what I never thought possible. Most of the details in my personal life lined up brilliantly, exactly as I had hoped and planned – maybe even better. Learning that everything I feared for First Nations […]

This Week’s Topic: The Intuition Game

Ladies! This will be another fun one… This week, let your intuition rule your decisions — all kinds. Let it choose your route to the grocery store. Let it choose what you have for dinner. Let it choose who you hire to do a job for you. Let it choose what you wear. Let it […]

This Week’s Topic – The Artist Date

Hi Ladies! Oh. Yeah. The Artist Date. Oh, how we’ve missed you! It’s been such a long time. It’s official, Ladies, Spring is in full fling, making it the perfect time of year for an Artist Date. The days are getting longer and more luxurious, and our worlds are lush with mixed greens and delicious […]

This Week’s Topic – Spring Has Sprung

Hello Ladies! At long last, Spring has sprung. It’s official. Looks like Mother Nature doesn’t have any more flash snowstorms in store for us — so sayeth the flowers! It’s a spectacular time of year. It’s also that amazing time of year where the world around us starts planting its many gardens. It’s a time […]

This Week’s Topic: What is Your Favourite Emoji?

Hello Ladies! We are entering a new age… wait a second… what’s that Marigold? We are CREATING a new age! How fun is that?! How refreshing! How right up our collective alley, ohhh yeeeeah. Let’s do this thing! This week, let’s focus on a new and refreshing kind of communication. Drum roll please…! Let’s talk […]

This Week’s Discussion – Who Is Your Favourite Female Role Model?

Hello Ladies! This is one of those fantastic times where we get to luxuriate on a topic we love, for a couple of weeks! What we mean by that is, that as members of this community, we actually get two weeks with each topic. We have full immersion in the conversation in the private members’ […]

This Week’s Topic – April Showers

Hi Ladies! This will be a fun one — especially at this time when we are needing to hold tight to a positive and loving reality. We support so many people in our individual lives. It’s essential to have a generous helping of Vitamin P for positivity. So, Ladies…. have a look outside. What’s the […]

This Week’s Topic – Integrity: It’s a Beautiful Thing

Hello Ladies! A big YES to this week’s topic! It’s part of the foundation for all that you do. It’s the ink in the pen that draws the plans. Integrity.  We’ve all got it, and we all deserve it in return, but what does it really mean? Here’s a definition: Integrity is a “concept of […]

This Week’s Topic: Just Say YES!

Hello Ladies! This is a topic we do often. It’s one of the ones we keep on shuffle, a definite fave. YES because it’s easy. YES because it’s natural. YES because you have worked hard to create fabulous opportunities.  But this week, YES because this is perhaps the most amazing topic to follow a couple […]

This Week’s Topic – How Do You Stay Passionate?

Ladies! It’s always that time of year in here—living a life of passion, and all! All year, all the time, you are connected to the life of your dreams, living it fully, and reaping the rewards of joy and satisfaction. This is a life expertly lived. Until… one day… you wake up… and the entire […]

This Week’s Discussion: What is Your Legacy?

Ladies! Love is all you need. And love is what you’ll get, at least around here! Almost every topic we discuss together can be boiled down to this single energy: Love. The last few topics have certainly made that clear. What do you want to see in the world? More love. How do you handle […]

This Week’s Topic: Navigating the Unexpected

Ladies! Top of the Pandemic to you! It kind of is?  We’re unclear how long it will actually last , but we’re sailing along with flying colours. So what does that even mean? Parts of this pandemic are good for us. We see this all over our social media, and we’re so aware of it […]

This Week’s Topic – What Do You Want to See in the World?

Hello Ladies! For us here, every day is International Women’s Day. Every day we link arms to support and inspire each other in all that we do — in our homes, in our work, and in our communities.  As you are reading this, in anticipation of our next topic together, take a moment and let […]

This Week’s Topic – Surprise!

Ladies! We just have such incredible and cumulative good fortune. Yup! It’s a fact! This week, let’s roll with it! Let’s have a wild card topic of sorts. This is that excellent time of year where we get lots of surprises in the weather – start there in your mind. What would you do?! We’re […]

I Believe in You

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Immersion Coaching   We were lucky when Covid hit to have had each other – not just to weather the storm and the weird and the fear and the reality of the changes it has meant for all of our lives, but because we inspire each other to be truly resilient. […]

This Week’s Topic- Awesomeness Habits

Ladies! This topic landed perfectly to go along with our new group in the private forum, Immersion Coaching.  Last week our collective homework was to treat ourselves like a guest in our own home. That homework is always designed to make the big internal and conceptual shifts practical… and well, super fun! It’s fun too, […]

This Week’s Topic – We Believe

Ladies! The world is your oyster. Everything you think, becomes.  There are so many factors and steps along the way, but the number one influence on success or achievement or results or satisfaction – whatever word you usually use to label having what you want in your life – is belief. Definitely. Quite simply, everything […]

This Week’s Topic – Get Your Glitter On, Girls!

Ladies! We always have such fun conversations. In the background, we are always doing something depthy and daring, and yet when we come together to share our processes with each other, somehow those big tasks become fun and easy. Almost every topic we discuss ends in the feeling of celebration. Last week, we shared our […]

This Week’s Topic – What is Your Vision?

Ladies! It’s been an amazing few weeks together. Amazing. The last couple of weeks have really brought it home – what we do together in this community. One of the most powerful things we can do in our lives is to expand our awareness to include both sides of the story. In fact, we could […]

Hey Valentine!

Ladies! This week…we’re getting creative with the visionary love! We have talked a lot about our 2021 intentions and most of us use a vision board as a tool to keep us connected to what we want to feel, have and achieve this year. This week, in keeping with the sign of the Covid times, […]

This Week’s Topic – The Perfectionist Stealing My Thunder!

Ok Ladies. We have sworn NOT to coach each other in these discussions; it creates separation—but there IS a loophole, and it’s time. It’s a bit of an emergency. We’ve been working together to consciously create a stellar 2021, and for the second week in a row, a common thread to our conversations has been […]

Get Your Juggle On

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Immersion Coaching You have so much life force within you, that your body is capable of pushing out the things that it does not want any more. It's possible, also, to teach your mind to let go of all the things you don't want any more. What is the fastest way [...]

This Week’s Topic – The Artist Date

Ladies! Creativity. This is probably our favourite topic. We do it a lot and like a palate cleanser, it’s the perfect way to transition out of some of the deeper work we’ve been doing together over the past few weeks. 2021 will be like no other, and yet it is a continuation of the uncertainty […]

Take the Shot

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Immersion Coaching You’re a deadeye, Baby. You can’t miss. “Are top American executives focusing enough on product improvement? I think the answer is no. Spend less time on finances, less time in meeting rooms, spend less time on PowerPoint and more on trying to make your product the best it can […]

This Week’s Topic – What?! Why Not?!

Ladies! We have had a powerful start to our year. 2021 has come right up to meet us, and is standing firmly beneath our feet. We are clear about our intentions—what we want to feel and achieve in the coming year—and we are ready! Last week’s topic gave us the opportunity to connect with our […]

This Week’s Topic- How Do You Do?

Ladies! The New Year is here! Yup, whole-heartedly and with bells on. 2021! It’s a magical beast of a year and it’s got your intentions in hand. It’s geared up to support you, challenge you, inspire you, and show up for the Zoom parties along the way. It’s all in. Intention is like that; it’s […]

Rage Against the Vaccine

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Circle the Child We’re still a small group here in this community, and we’re still testing our edges. What can we share? How honest can we be – with ourselves and each other? How much can we lean into each other for support – and to be challenged to be our […]

Homeopathy For Immunity

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Circle the Child   I’m really excited to be the content lead this week. It goes without saying that we built this community project to support great leaders like Laurel Crossley in getting their message out there. Laurel and I connect on many things, the heart of it being the body-mind-spirit worldview. This is […]

For the Love of Online Community

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Creatively Hip   All the cool kids are doing it. Professional online membership community.  Is it the newest trend? Not even a little bit. It’s been an active business tool for over ten years, and like a program running in the back ground, it can be one of the greatest drivers […]

This Week’s Discussion Topic – Yo Momma!

Ladies! This Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day of course! It is one of the most cherished days of the year. This week, celebrate all things Mom. Let’s make it last all week! Why is your Mom so special? What does it feel like to be a Mom? If you are not a Mom yet, […]

This Week’s Topic – The Artist Date

Ladies! The new year is under way well. Intentions: check. Focus: check. Tricks of the trade: check. The future is so bright, we’ve got to wear shades! Things are going great, and they’re only getting better! We talked about all the ways we keep ourselves focused and connected to our goals and intentions last week, so […]

Bridging the Gap

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Creatively Hip   Our world is calling forth change. It always will. And always, also, an incredible leader will step up to answer that call. It is human nature to care, but it takes superhuman strength and heart to break trail for the future. The solutions have to be created and […]

Our Best Selves: The Evolution of Our Collective Voice

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Creatively Hip Ladies, this week’s topic blows my heart wide open. I love where our discussion on the private site has taken me. I had the opportunity of a pause of sorts too (thank you, Liz!). Last weekend, after posting the topic, I closed my computer and left it on my […]

Yo Momma!

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Creatively Hip It’s fun. The title of our topic this week comes from this funny game I used to play with my Mom. She was the Secretary in a primary school, and every so often she would need to bring home the label machine (old school and totally cool). I would […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 3 – Celebrate You

Ladies! We are warming up to the holiday season! This is that time of year where we get to experience the diversity of all the things we are as individuals – especially women. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, business owners, friends, lovers, dreamers, caregivers, collaborators, and creators. And that’s just the quick list to get […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 12 – What Would Nancy Drew Do?

Ladies. Seriously. I know we’re adults, but Halloween just passed, and it would be really fun to jump back into that energy – the costume opportunity! Honestly, it’s not only fun, but it’s a serious and useful tool that we use as women to create the lives of our dreams. As women, we use the […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 4 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Ladies! It is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. It’s a thing. I just looked it up and we’ll do that as a discussion topic some day – it’s a gooder! In the meantime, our topic is doing an in-the-moment, ultra-present, super-switch, because that’s how we roll. That’s why we’re awesome! We have our […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 29 – Meet Me For Coffee

Hello Ladies! It is in our nature as women to wear many hats and many layers. This week, let’s again turn and face outwards. Let’s go out for coffee! It has been a beautiful couple of weeks of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable in our lives, and as always in our community, of getting to […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 22 – Use Your Outside Voice

Ladies! Let’s go with the flow! As it so often does, the conversation from last week’s discussion in the private forum, creates this week’s discussion topic. Of course this is a normal part of one-on-one conversations, but here in this online format there is value in having the conversations written and then read. The really […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 15 – Out of Your Comfort Zone

Ladies! We LOVE interesting.  Together we represent many types of women and lifestyles, but at the core, this community conversation always brings us closer and closer together. We do not share the same experiences, but we share the same values and core beliefs. So many of our conversations boil us down to our primary assets […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 8 – Nailed It!

Hey Ladies! It’s time for a non-traditional discussion topic. You may want to sit down for this one: This week, as a group we are going to accept some criticism. What’s that Marigold? Yes. We are going to accept some criticism, but we are not going to take it lightly. Instead of letting it roll […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 1 – What Defines You?

Ladies! How interesting last week to explore the definition of “in the flow!” Our conversation on the private site opened the door to future discussions, where as a group we can put the spotlight on other common guiding and inspirational phrases. After all, it’s kind of our thing. Together we are turning so many of […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 24 – In the Flow

Ladies! How do you know when you are in the flow?! This week, let’s explore this concept in our culture. It is not just here in this community of women where we discuss this, but it is ever increasing in women’s culture as a whole. It’s a positive and beautiful expression, usually associated with positive […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 17 – Artist Date, Whoop Whoop!

Hi Ladies! Oh. Yeah. The Artist Date. Oh, how we love you! It’s official, Ladies, summer is coming to an end, making it the perfect time of year for an Artist Date. The days are still long and luxurious, and our worlds are lush with mixed greens, and the fall colours fast approaching. It’s time […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 10 – Back to School

Ladies! For many of us modern gals, back to school is a most excellent proposition. Most excellent indeed! Learning is upon us! This week, let’s tap into our inner learners – past, present, and future. This is a bit of a wild card discussion topic, but that’s the foundation of the concept we are exploring […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 3 – The Secret to Success

Hello Ladies! This week’s topic is going to be a bonus-round of sorts, a way of sealing in the reality of the incredible life you are living, and how that already is an expression of the vision you are wanting to create. Everything you think and do is an expression of you, and yet in […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 27 – Zoom in on The Now

Ladies! What a particularly spectacular couple of weeks in the private forum! The last two discussion topics – visualisation and gratutude – have pulled from us a few of the first steps towards having the life of your dreams. What we imagine, we become, and what we are grateful for, paves the runway for what […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 20 – Visionary Gratitude

Hello Ladies! Killer conversation last week, Ladies. Literally, the stuff that dreams are made of. In our minds, images come alive, thus animating to become the cogs that turn our reality on the surface. Our futures come from inside. Mind before matter. Before we embark on the next part of this three-part topic series, take […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 13 – Collaborate In Vision

Ladies! Imagine this: A Homeopath and a Communications Consultant walk into a bar. Under one arm they have a visionary online women’s community, and under the other, an international writing mentor they share…Over drinks and dinner at a this beautiful new bar, they engage in an equally exceptional conversation about their daily lives, the world […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 6 – Freewheelin’

Ladies! We’re getting our summer on.  It’s time to be outside. It’s time to be enjoying our gardens. It’s time to be free as a bird! In keeping with last week’s theme of summer vacations past, let’s take a rip around memory lane on your favourite mode of transportation as the younger you.  How did […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 30 – Summertime and the Living is Easy

Hi Ladies! It’s that time of year when the days are long and lazy. It’s beautiful sunsets, campfires, cucumbers and tomatoes on the way. It’s light traffic with the top down and the tunes up loud. It’s bike rides. It’s days at the beach with the kids, the dog splashing around in the waves. It’s […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 23 – Darling, What if You Fly

Hello Ladies! Last week’s posts about our favourite quotes were incredible. What was intended to be a fun way to learn something new about each other suddenly blossomed into a conversation that showed us who we are as a group. All of the quotes, and the stories behind them, were positive, inspiring, and spoke to […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 16 – In Quotation

Hi Ladies! One of the biggest trends right now in social media is the quotation meme. It’s all around us, and it may be one of the easiest ways to get a hit of inspiration that there ever was! It’s amazing for many reasons. It’s the words, the meanings, the photography, the who-said-it and why, […]

Physician, Heal Thyself

I have an artist’s temperament, and an executive mind. The only way to get these two parts of me in the same conversation is to whirl them up to break-neck speeds and then jump off something. It’s kind of like the impact of my brain catching up to my body, creates instant clarity. It’s whiplash […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 9 – Do Something That Scares You

Hello Ladies! After last week’s Artist Date awesomeness, let’s do another topic-fave! It’s summer, and we are footloose and fancy free. Let’s get reckless and wild and abandon the rules! The inner rules anyway. You know, the ones that prevent you from doing something crazy-fantastic! Well, truth is Ladies, you’re already doing crazy amazing things! […]

Click Into That Space of Listening

Activism. I’ll be honest, it’s the one thing about being a Homeopath that I didn’t expect to have to do. Because of my interests and (probably) my personality type, I’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf. I’ve never had to answer to anyone except my parents growing up, and when I choose to […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 25 – Activism

Ladies! We are a diverse bunch – in our thoughts, our ideas, and our interests. We have lifestyles, projects, and businesses that support the growth and actualization of our ideas. People come to us – directly and passively – to be inspired and to learn how to engage more fully with their own ideas and […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 18 – Good Enough

Hi Ladies! Let’s get right to it. The concept of “good enough” has been hiding out behind the scenes, for longer than we care to admit – in ourselves, in our loved ones, and in our most cherished and respected icons. It’s a bizarre and sticky filter which many of us view our lives though, […]

Homeopathy is Physics

I’m in a phase right now, a kind of personal re-group before the next push out of blogging projects. Alive Homeopathy has been simmering on the back burner (of awesomeness) since October, and I’m just about ready to re-engage. Our topics here always help to keep me focused, but this week’s topic particularly. Consciously Woman […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 11 – The Perfect Process of Living

Ok Ladies. This week, let’s have a little fun with our favourite nemesis. Let’s get up close and personal with the perfectionist. Let’s take her out on the town, give her a few drinks, and have a party. It’s patio season after all! One of the most limiting energies, thoughts, or behaviours – hard to […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 4 – Somewhere Some Flowers

Hello Ladies! Our discussions are always connected to the world we see around us, the world we are in, of which we are a part. This community is rooted in the bigger picture discussion we are having about who we are in this huge and beautiful world. Who are we and what are we doing? […]

Hold the Vision. Trust the Process

Truth is, I’m not really down with details. Right or wrong, I’m an intuitive leaper. I see it, and in one nano second I become it with every part of my being, hair balls and all. Kicker is that it can take some time for that to be realised in the “real world”. It can […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of May 28 – Digging in the Dirt

Hello Ladies! Each topic rolls out of the ideas and conversation from the week before. It’s a beautiful thing, and yes, often like the sprout of a flower! Last week, we planted some pretty incredible flowers, and this community project itself was created as a way to support and empower the tallest poppies of ideas […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of May 7 – Presence The Expert You

Hello Ladies! Our conversations are inspiring and enlivening! It’s an incredible thing to experience the evolution of this community, and to watch the original intentions come to fruition. It has truly become an oasis in our busy worlds where we can connect deeply with like-minded women, and step forward into our own individual lives from […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of April 30 – A Day in the Life

Hello Ladies! It’s been a really great couple of weeks, getting to know each other – who you are, and what events happened in your life to bring you to how you think and act today. There is a saying ” to know where you are going, you must know where you have been.” There […]

Learning to Cultivate Good Communication

“Oh, behave,” (said with an Austin Powers’ accent). “Yeah baby!” I say it that way to make it funny. Humour makes it possible for me to disengage during those times when I’m bursting at the seams with any of the various things I think and feel. I think big and I feel big; those two […]

This Week’s Discussion: You Make History Every Single Day

Hello Ladies! Admittedly, this week’s topic has been having its way with me. The process always starts as a ping somewhere early in the conversation, like a spark, and then as we come together with each new idea, each offering of gratitude for each other’s words and thoughts, and each new awareness of our own […]

Discussion for the Week of April 16 – Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Ladies! A few week’s ago, we talked about authenticity, and what is real in life, about us, and about other people and things. What does it mean to be authentic? It means to be both positive and negative at the same time – we’re all of it, all the time. In every milimoment and with […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of April 9 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi Ladies! We had such a great week, last week! It’s SO cool to have new women joining us, and it’s been amazing to see our diversity and authenticity in practice. Modern women have the opportunity to think and do anything, and we DO! It’s so amazing to see how these thoughts and actions land […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of April 2 – Introduce Yourself

Ladies! Hello and Welcome! We are so excited to be expanding this community, and welcoming new members. Welcome, welcome! This week, let’s gather around and spend some time getting to know each other better. Introduce yourself! Who are you? What do you like to do? What are your dreams? What are the things you think […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of March 26 – Authenticity

Hi Ladies! Be Authentic. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful compliments you can give to yourself and to others. But what does this mean? Really. What is the definition of authenticity? This is an important question for us here, in this community. It is our mission to provide an authentic space and voice […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of March 19 – What is Your Super Power?

Ladies! In the wake of International Women’s Day, let’s pick up the thread, and carry this single moment into the rest of our calendar year. There are many such opportunities, and we do this often in our community with many other important days and celebrations. Let’s take the opportunity to make this special day a […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of March – Ceremony

Hi Ladies! This will sound like a strange discussion topic, but stay with me. The intention of this week’s discussion is to open up the ways in which we ground into our own unique language of connection. The impetus for this discussion comes from a conversation with a theologian friend of mine a couple of […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of March 5 – What Women Really Want

Hey Ladies! What do you really want? What do you think other women really want? What do we really need?  How do we really support and inspire each other? These are pretty basic and simple questions, but the answers will be as diverse as the women in this group. Last week, three of us had […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Feb. 26 – You Inspire Me

Hi Ladies! The mission of this project is to inspire each other to live more fully. When you boil it down to its purest explanation, that’s it: we want to inspire others to create the lives of their dreams, as we have. We want to show them that it is simple and easy. We want […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Feb. 19 – 90’s Girl

Hi Ladies! Our community is growing and we are beginning to launch ourselves out into the world. These are exciting times! Our conversations have always been a source of inspiration and creative contemplation, and as we include more and more women into the fold, we also have the opportunity to explore more diverse topics each […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Feb. 12 – Heart Magic and Synchronicities

Hi Ladies! It’s fun. The more we get to know each other, the more we discover how naturally connected to each other women are. We experience that in so many ways in our “local” lives, but it’s amazing to see how that thread of connection permeates this on line community, We are spread out around […]

An Intentional Happy New Year

Commitment to Your New Year’s Intention: How have you made room in your life for this change or innovation, this desire?

Discussion Topic for the Week of Jan. 1 – An Intentional Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Ladies! What is your New Year’s intention?  Think of this as an “I want to” rather than an “I won’t anymore.” We are so accustomed to New Year’s resolutions. The sentiment is ideal, but the practical choices we make about resolutions, how we approach them, come from our unconscious lack and self-criticism. […]

If You Build It She Will Come

It’s Christmas Eve, and I am the last to post about this week’s discussion topic. What has been said this week already in our conversation resonates with me deeply, and I feel like I am on a super wave of pride and love for the women in this community. That feeling itself is the reward. […]

My Big Dad

This is my amazing Dad, Richard. Dad. Rick. Rich. Rex. Hey Yeardye. He’s my rock. He’s my shove into the big blue ocean, if I’m being wiggly for too long on the shore. He’s the wrangler of my many a yard sale, when I didn’t make the gap. He’ll laugh, hand me back my teeth, […]

A Day in the Art of Being Bad

This is so fun. Now that Amber has claimed swearing as her guilty pleasure, I get to choose another one! I’ve been thinking about that all day. It’s been fun thinking about all of the things that I do, that I am not supposed to do. Swearing, and…. Swearing, and… I’ve made a bit of […]


Hmmmm. I didn’t consciously contrive this topic to support me; I chose it as a natural next step in our conversation. The topics generally come out of the conversation from the week before. That’s how it works, and that’s how we collaborate. By sharing our thoughts and experiences, we keep each other self-accountable by keeping […]

Yes: Rise and Shine

Alright. Yes. Grandpa died on Thanksgiving Sunday, and yes, yes I struggle. The days are like some long kind of lightening. Some sort of flash in slow motion. Everything that is familiar, has a giant spotlight on it. I’m taking in the details like it is someone else’s movie; so many of my thoughts are […]


I have a water practice that grounds in my abundance as well. I have only thought about it in terms of my energy and my wellness thus far. I have a state of the art water purifier that I love. I’ve had it for 10 years or so. I love that no matter where I’ve […]

Balancing From the Heart

Relational reflections are a really subtle and yet powerful way to know when we are out of balance. I don’t have kids, but I am so often in the observation position with my friends’ families or in the stories my clients use to tell me about their lives. How the kids are behaving is a […]

Emotionally Available

In Homeopathy, we make a distinction between emotional stress and mental stress. It’s easier to see clearly with mental stress. Some disease states are made better from mental stress and some are made worse. Emotional stress is a little harder to define, but in the years now in practice, the emotional stress is an obvious […]

Conscious Busy-ness

Adrienne: It’s been really fun to sink into this topic, while in a phase of hmmm… “moderately busy.” Steady. There is a lot to do, and the list is long, but the pressures are a couple of weeks out, and so I have enjoyed your posts and insights as a way to help me look […]

Focusing on Joy

Adrienne: Amber, me too… my cousin was a horse jumper growing up, into her mid 20’s… I never actually saw her compete, but there is a picture at my Aunt’s house of her and her horse mid-jump. Lots of action. Captured also in the photo is the precise stillness where her lower leg and the […]

Managing the Panic Button

Amber: Well we officially made it through the busiest Summer ever! We also had the most fun ever. Balance seems to be coming easier to me now. Thank you ladies! At a time when I normally get a little depressed about the kids going back to school and having extracurricular activities – three mornings a […]

Managing Stagefright and Creating Emotional Security

Amber: Oh how I’ve grown. Do you remember way back when I told you all how I used to be so timid that if I had to speak publicly I could hardly breathe and would want to vomit?  I was the kid who was a total loner and who couldn’t order her own candy bar.  After many years […]

Four Legged Love

Amber: Since I don’t have much for family left, and it’s tough for me to take time off from my business to be with friends, I surround myself with love in other ways. I have always loved my time with animals more than just about anything else. They are amazing at making me feel accepted, […]

The Little Things

I’m quite liking this topic because of the little things. For me, I’m finding my best self in the little things, and those little things are really adding up fast. It feels good to do those things of course, but it feels even better to be able to start to see them connect to the […]

All of Me

I know that my best self lives in a layer of the world that is calm. I see her there when I tap into that version of me that I call “my successful self”. The image of this woman is very clear, has been for years and years, but how she looks is not a […]

The Win

Lia: It was nice to have this topic as a reminder to be a bit better. I feel that I am often kind and considerate, but there is no way that happens all the time, so it’s good to have this to check my behaviour. I bought my friend a coffee today when we met. […]

On My Honour

Welp. Friday night was a run-away. Plain and simple. I was having such a great time with the Artist Date last week, that I just kept on going. My own theme for last week’s topic was “follow the thread”, which for me meant really learning to understand the words joy and flow. As an entrepreneur, […]

Consciously Maintaining the Flow

Adrienne: So… I kind of had an Artist Date hangover this morning, so I kept Artist Dating ha! I can explain. I kind of blew my bad self out of the water this week. Too much computer work, and the security snafu… although it ended brilliantly, it shut me down for a couple of days. […]

Artist Date With the Big Kids

Sabine: A few weeks back I was at the Auer Dult, a huge annual market that happens three times a year. There I found a stand where a woman sold old books that she had cleaned out and turned into a notebook. And recently I was at a flee market where I found two old […]

Jupiter’s Shoes

Speaking of selective decluttering… ha! I am grateful that I did NOT recycle a little pair of red slippers a friend of mine gave to me when she was decluttering. She was closing her ridiculously successful photography business in Calgary and selling her house to travel for a year or two. This was when I […]

Bon Apetit

I am grateful for my daughter Kadie who always knows when I am running low on energy. Today she came and sat with me and while brushing my hair told me I am the best mum in the whole world. I am grateful my son Karson made us all dinner today. He and I both […]


I finished painting the floor in G’s basement. My Uncle insisted on paying me, which feels odd. I’m dreaming up ways to spend the money on something fun and interesting. Grandpa is changing. I’m working hard to not resist that, and to adapt quickly. If I accept it, he can too. Our conversations will be […]

Already There

Sabine: That was me this morning, when I had missed my train by only 20 seconds! Can you believe it. And that after I got up earlier then I have been for months… Therefore the frown… Hope you ladies enjoy your weekend. Lia: Yes, this is a photo that definitely sums up the sentiment. I […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 7- All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Hi Ladies! I read recently about a fun new “game” that all the teenagers are playing these days with their phones. It’s brilliant and it’s all about self-validation and self-esteem. In fact in the article the kids described it as a self-esteem building activity. It began as a conscious anti-bullying behaviour. Here’s how they play: […]

Good Business

Great to read this! I had a really interesting day with boundaries today myself, but the opposite ha! Usually, my painting customers are very hands-on until they feel comfortable with me, lots of questions, lots of kind of pushing up against me to see if I am trustable. It’s normal human behaviour I think when […]

Positively Organised

I am organised, really well organised. I couldn’t do what I do if I wasn’t. This is a great thing for me to lean into feeling with more certainty this week. I’m all over the map, and I’m not dropping 8 balls, but I’m behind them. Yes, there are several in this epoch of my […]

A New Position on the Crisis of the Week

Totally. To spite my backing up a lot, I still find my family situation almost impossible. I’m trying to teach myself to detach. Preventing the vent is the most difficult part, but at the same time it is such a relief to be heard. Most of the time I just feel crazy and angry. It’s […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 31 – Positive Positioning

Hi Ladies! Last week, we shared and practiced the art of the default statement, that consciously pre-crafted answer for the difficult questions. It’s a brilliant tool that we all use. They create a boundary for external conversations that trigger your internal conversation with yourself and your vision. They are simple statements that protect you from […]

Vocational Orientation

Sabine: As I have mentioned I’m working on starting my business, at the same time it might be the case I’ll have to have a part time job to support myself. Today I was asked by a friend’s mother how I am doing and what my situation is jobwise. I used my default statement of […]

Where Were You When the Page Was Blank?

So great. I’ve had a funny day. I was not on my own schedule in the morning, and kind of tired or something weird today after having a 100% week last week, so this afternoon I was really distracted. I couldn’t settle, and not wanting to lose the afternoon, I messed around on FB trying […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 24 – Default Statements

Ladies! It’s been a pleasure doing business together. The business of squelching, ignoring, and redirecting the negativity in our lives! It’s been such a positive couple of weeks!  We were, yes absolutely, looking to get a handle on the negativity we experience and express, but we were mostly looking to create some permanent changes. We […]

Everyday We Be the Change

You Ladies are AWESOME!!!! I’m laughing… a couple of days ago, the Bell cold calling kid came to my door… are you sure you don’t want TV? No thank you. He wished me a nice day and I closed the door. As I turned around to walk back into my kitchen, I actually said: Gawd. […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 17 – No Negativity Revisited

Hi Ladies! Quite naturally, our recent topic Speak No Evil powerfully supports our self-care. As the weeks came together progressed, our new behaviours have produced some really great results. By request, we are extending this new “practice” and “habit” for another week. Add also the concepts of Seeing and Hearing No Evil if you wish. […]

Move. Rest. Revocation.

My self care is pretty simple and direct these days. I am in a full-speed ahead phase and feeling really, really energised by that. My career has been my focus for several years now, and redirecting that energy into what I want my life to look like has taken everything in me, and all my […]

You Can’t Steal Second Base Without Taking Your Foot Off First

At my door is my most previous journal. I bought it because it says “All those who wander are not lost” on the front. I bought it to cheer myself on, and to convince myself that the lost I was feeling was OK. The truth is when I see it, it is written in such […]

Good Morning Sunshines!

  Mornings are critical for me. It’s become the number one “work” time, working on my vision that is. The most efficient time for me to work towards my goals is in the morning, before I leave for the “real” work of my painting business. So, in the mornings, I write. I eat. I drink […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 5 – Self-Lovin’ Every Minute of It

Ha! Ladies. I’m still on a bit of a high one from last week’s discussion topic. It feels like we took a permanent vacation to an ocean retreat for positive self-talk and joyful conversation. The sun is setting and we have just sat down to enjoy the beautiful view. This week, let’s follow the thread […]

Walk It Out

Lia: A couple of weeks ago a colleague-friend contacted me to discuss a project he is starting. He is familiar with some of my previous work and my network, and wanted some advice and collaboration. We discussed and I asked him to send me more information. This past week, he reached out again with more […]

Hey Lady! No Worries!

Amber: This is our goofy kids horse Seven who is about 20 years old.  He is quite the horse.  He was used  in a hunting outfit before we got him four years ago.  He was ridden hard and I could tell that’s all he really knew before he came to us.  He was to be […]

Going UP!

Picking the next topic is always an idea or a theme that emerges or develops out of the previous week’s topic. We move so well together, learning and experiencing ourselves forward, that our individual sticking points – or conversely, and especially, our launching-off points – create a place for each of us to grow in […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of July 3 – Speak No Evil

Ladies! GREAT couple of weeks. It’s the time of year where we want to be outside, gallivanting, sunning ourselves, and relaxing. AND for most of us it is also perhaps the busiest time of the year. We are cramming in the work, while making sure we have enough time and space to enjoy our vacation […]

Practice Being Seen

My gut never lies either Amber! It’s always chatt-a-chatting. There are so many moving parts for me, so many parts at all, and all of them I want or need to keep in my life. I see what is next, but so often the next thing after that comes before I have completed the action […]

Broke into the Old Apartment

This weekend I said NO to being distracted and kept up all night with another teenaged back yard party. Clearly it will be a whole summer of this. It’s certainly an annoyance, but what is worse is my preoccupation with being irritated by this. I”m a lucky lady. I have 4 actual bedrooms in this […]

Walk With Me, My Friend

Lia: For as long as I can remember, I have been someone who gets attached – to odd things (as a small child, the washer and dryer, which were broken and needed to be taken away), to the familiarity of a place, to having a routine (which then just makes me fight change at times), […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 26 – Just. Say. No.

Ladies! Last week’s discussion was the great door opener for a great many things between us. We added to our lives the little “supportive” things, and also said YES! to preparing the ground for some of the bigger things that make our visions possible. We took the walks. We made the phone calls. We signed […]

Yes I am!

Amber: Yesterday I said yes to putting a huge project aside for a couple months while I’m heading in to my busy Summer Season.  It just about killed me as it really is a dream for me but I am overloaded and being a perfectionist I can’t pull it off properly right now so I’ve […]

The Rewards of Yes Ripple Out

On Sunday, I said yes to taking the kids to the Saddle Club Fun Day that I help organize, even though we had an exhausting week of bruised ribs, the flu, birthday parties, and my new dog classes.  We only have five Fun Days a year, so to miss one is a pretty big deal. […]

Bon Appetit

Lia: As it happens, my ‘say yes’ started last night. I have likely mentioned the baristas at my favourite coffee shop – Sorry Coffee Co. They have helped me settle in a new city, have made me feel welcome, have entertained me and celebrated my successes – probably not always realizing how much they did […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 19 – Just. Say. Yes.

Ladies.  Opportunities anyone? Yes please; don’t mind if we do! This will seem like a departure from what was certainly a rich conversation last week, BUT, the ability to say yes easily and automatically comes from the ability to recognise how you feel, how you want to feel and what supports that. When you are […]

The Truth of How You Feel Keeps You Free

Adrienne: I do have some strong feelings about this! I have had so many people with varying degrees of depression come through my practice. And personally, if I had not had access to a few stellar colleagues to support me periodically over the years since I have been a practitioner myself, I would not be […]

Happy Monday Ladies!

These are peonies from my Grandpa’s garden. I’m sure he planted them for my Grandmother, the love of his life, and still the woman of his dreams. He will likely not get around to that part of the garden this year, so I picked one for him yesterday. They are just too beautiful to be […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 12 – How Do You WANT to Feel?

Hey Ladies! Get Funky! That is only, of course, if you want to! This week, let’s focus on the way we WANT to feel, rather than the way we are supposed to feel, expected to feel, made to feel, or even “used to feeling”.  In an effort to allow as much self-determination as possible, I […]

The Joy of Cracking the Whip!

Lia: I will tell you when I don’t procrastinate (am I allowed on this topic?!) – when I have deadlines. I’m going out of town tomorrow morning early for over a week. I motored through work tasks today, no time for questions and hesitations! I did push some lower priority things to next week, but […]

Kick it to the Curb

With this topic in the back of my mind it is interesting to see how procrastination stops flow, action, movement, even in very simple ways. Sometimes I don’t throw out the trash bag in time so it keeps getting fuller and fuller until nothing more fits in there really. That happened this week. I meant […]

Miscellaneous Parts

Adrienne: I procrastinate cleaning up my studio! It’s the giantest of GRRRRRS. There are so many little miscellaneous parts, and all of them can be used for something fantastic… maybe. And there are so many well-loved beads! Every inch of my studio is a project – past, present and future. I love every single one […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of June 6 – Procrastination Nation

Ladies! This one wants a theme song: You know you want to! Click on it! It’ll make a week of procrastination fun! The idea this week is to create some laughter and lightness around the art of procrastination. We all do it, and lately it has come up in lots of unrelated conversations between us… […]

Little Miss Manners

Amber: What great timing for this!  I am doing something similar.  I literally have zero tolerance for negative or mean in the last few months.  I have always been that way and I used to try so hard to bring those people up meanwhile dragging myself down.  I’ve noticed a massive change in me lately […]

The Delightful in Me Expects the Delightful in You

Oh my word… absolutely. One of my biggest bugaboos is how natural it is for me to be kind and nice and positive to interact with – I love that about myself! – but I do struggle with how it is not always returned. People want that for themselves – our global social media is […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of May 29 = Where You At, Pussycat?

Ladies! This is an extension of last week’s discussion, except for it’s the depthy, self-awareness version…. C’mon, you know you love it, and you know you want to hq! It’s time to stand tall and see how tall that really is. What does that even mean?! It means: are you really who you say you […]

Starters and Finishers

Lia: I will say there are still a few projects on my list. Mainly photo books and short webinar courses. I’ve mentioned them before, but thought I would mention it as it’s a place here and now…things unfinished. And maybe now it’s time to turn my attention back to them now that the immigration package […]

Family Friends

Oh my word, yes, YES! I have learned over the recent years the importance of face time with a friend. It’s SO important. And yes, this sometimes means away from my family, she says sheepishly. I’m fortunate in that many of my family members are also good friends, but I also feel a definite enmeshment. […]

Sit. Stay. High Five!

Amber: This week I am relaxing and smelling the roses after finishing two sets of very fun and successful group dog obedience classes.  Dog training is very rewarding for me.  It allows me to share my knowledge and expertise helping dogs live happily with their owners. I love seeing the incredible changes in the dogs and […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of May 22 – You Are Here

Ladies! We do some pretty amazing things in our lives, and we have lofty goals. Good goals. Goals we believe in. So often, that puts us up in our heads, where we can lose sight of where we are, what we’ve achieved, and what we are doing in the short term.  This week, take a […]

Expectation. Trust. Open-mindedness. Love.

Amber: After reading Sabine’s post I thought I’d share a little bit about what childbirth taught me.  It taught me how amazingly strong we are as women and how to trust the Universe to look after us. Both of my pregnancies were extremely tough, as well as both of my deliveries.  I wanted the natural home birth […]

Go Birds!

Lia: Yesterday and today I have been thinking about what I say to myself when I want to turn around an unpleasant moment, to re-position myself as it were. It might not be as as strong as a mantra, but it may be repeated, and it might just been words or phrases that flip the […]

Wave Wave!

Adrienne: Good Morning Ladies! SUCH a beautiful day here today. It’s been raining for about 2 weeks, almost solidly. Yesterday was sunshine, and now today too!!! Feels amazing. In my experience most people are positively affected by weather like this. I’m heading off to work today thinking about how I can use a day like […]

Accept and Meet My Positive Perspective

Adrienne: Here’s your laugh…  slept through my alarm this morning… I’m 2 hours behind schedule. As I’m running out the door, trip to the loo… so shoes were already on. I’m pulling up my drawers in front of the mirror, and I see that my underwear is the same colour as my shoe laces ba […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of May 9 – The Power of Positive Positioning

Ok Ladies! It’s time to take our inner Pollyannas out for a spin! Well, in this crowd, they be always in regular rotation, but this week, let’s be conscious of how exactly our positivity serves us, and others. Directly. Let’s make the conscious link. It is possible to use that powerful, and most natural perspective […]

Leaving Us Aglow

Lia: Maybe a friend or loved one called for advice, or just to talk and be heard. Maybe I empathized, gave advice or echoed their feelings in a way that made sense to them. I may have given them a compliment to let them know they were on the right track; I became the mirror […]

Show Me the Money

Wowza. I really loved reading your post, Lia – several times. I’ve just finished most of my taxes. It’s maybe my scariest of tasks. In fact, I just do the book keeping part; Dad does the accounting. It should be easy! But it’s not. It’s the singular moment of the year where I really see […]

I Want More

Leni: I am getting much better at living in limbo. If there is one thing I’ve been putting my big girl pants on for, it’s that. I have no idea whatsoever what the end of the year is going to look like for me but I am concentrating on my writing projects. Soon I will […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of April 24 – Spring Has Sprung

Ladies! Spring has sprung! There are blossoms everywhere you look! Trees, tulips, and even your houseplants! It’s just that time of year! Whoop whoop! This week, let’s take that positive reflection personally. It’s the perfect out-picturing of what is inside us as visionaries. We are blossoming. Share on the site one thing daily about YOU […]

I’ve Got 40, 000 French Francs in My Fridge

Adrienne: I want to take a trip this year. A good one. Maybe Italy? Somewhere spectacular. Of course this is NOT in the budget, too focused on the blogs and all excess is still getting doubled down. I DO love that. BUT, I would like to take a trip this year! Somewhere spectacular. I have […]

Bring It Back

Adrienne: This is ridiculous and you can laugh. Yes, I’m going to use one of my believe in me tickets for my extra 30lbs! Yup, I’m a big cliche ha! Two family dinners later I am definitely feeling the midlife bloat ha! Somewhere in this conversation – either last week or this week already – […]

Ya! Believe in My Beads!

Last night, after a really long week of painting, which almost broke me, but I pulled it out of the tank beautifully, like I may even come out of it with a new hiking buddy. Business-feeding-vision life aside, my bones need that! I feel like I’ve come out of some bizarre intergalactic wormhole. The week […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of April 17 – I Believe in You!

Ladies! Indulge me. I’m having Vampire Diaries withdrawls. BUT, one of the central themes of the series, was the concept of good friendships and supporting each other. Being there, pushing each other to be better, stronger, happier… especially when that was hard, or the task was daunting. Sound familiar? Good! Follow me… One of the […]

3, 2, 1… Break!

Sabine: Not having had a job for a while due to my health state feels like a limitation on my resumée. Then again I keep hearing lately it’s very “trendy” to have taking a “sabbatical” to really find oneself… Amber: Possibly you’ve taken a break to ensure that this is the right job for you […]

10 am Meeting With Success

Lia: In light of the discussion about positive limitations vs mmm, let’s call them, challenging limitations, I realized that one limitation I have is definitely both. Being organized and scheduled is a great limitation – I’m efficient, I tend to get more accomplished, I feel productive and fulfilled in many ways. Being too over-organized that […]

The Cost of Self-Scrutiny

Leni: I can’t stop scrutininzing my own work. I finish something and I see imperfections. I see how I need to work on my writing skills and my photography. This is actually the truth, but that doesn’t mean others find my work unpleasant. I only see the mistakes. This is actually funny because I see […]

Discussion Topic for the Week of April 10 – Expose Your Limitations

Hi Ladies! The last few weeks have been pretty kick ass and we feel great! What a great way to get to know each of you. This week, let’s use the confidence and awareness we have created within ourselves to kick some ass! Some “limitations” ass, that is! This week, briefly share once a day. […]

Thank you, Friend

Leni: I know, from experience, that sometimes in the quiet hours you can go out of your mind with worry. I make myself available almost all year 24/7 to my friends and family. I respect the fact that people have children, work, etc. and therefore can’t necessarily be available all the time. I can, though, […]

101 Ways to Help

Amber: Awesome Lia.  I am a firm believer that nobody should go without food, shelter or medical care here. I find a lot of people are hard on those who are living on the streets.  Expecting that they are just lazy, drug addicts and so on.  That is ridiculous.  I tell them we have no right […]

Forum Topic for the Week of April 3 – Play It Again Sam

Ladies! Such a great last week. One of the goals of this community is to encourage and acknowledge the presence of our best selves. So often, however, and because we are working towards great things in our lives, we are totally immune to the wonderful and amazing every day things that we do. We can […]

Five Star Reviews

Lia: Today, I finally got around to calling the head office of the gym I typically work out at on my lunch hours. I had tried to leave information online, but it wasn’t working, so I called directly. I called to let them know that they had two staff members at the gym who are […]

Forum Discussion for the Week of Mar. 27 – Show Your Love

Good Morning Ladies! A visionary is as a visionary does.  Well, well, well, I did some searching to find a definition of visionary that suits us, that describes us as the change makers we are. Of course I didn’t find one! This suits ME fine as I describe this week’s discussion topic. When I read […]

High Five, Ladies! Thank you.

Sabine: On this journey to my health I had my fair share of colds, bladder infections, diarrhea, back pain, PMS, sensitivities of all kinds, headaches, etc. That makes a part of me wonder if I have the health stamina that my vision takes as it sees those symptoms as proof of “I am not strong […]

The Second Law of Parallel Parking

I will play the other side, because I am most definitely risk-driven. I have to say that regardless of how you are apt to operate – off the cliff or around the cliff – the outcome has everything to do with clarity about what you are (or were!) trying to achieve, and yes, is absolutely […]

Talk to Only the Sexy People

Leni: As I get older, I’m convinced thinking too much is useless and sometimes even detrimental. Of course, I’m referring to overthinking something until you can’t stand your own mind. When your young, you should think things through, but when we get to a point where we’ve been there, done that, it serves to stunt […]

The Power of Positioning

Sabine: I am visiting a friend in a different city this weekend. And on my way here I noticed another why not: being positioned in the wrong direction. I took the train this morning and I was coming thru Ulm, a city I’ve been traveling thru quite sometime in my life and once I even […]

Forum Discussion for the Week of Mar. 19 – But Why Not?

Ladies! Pack your bags, we’re going to the dark side. Bring snacks. The past few weeks have been all about the joyous anticipation of our visions in form, and last week, we even went so far as to pin them up in our homes, on our vision boards. Pin the tail on your vision! Ok […]

Sushi Train! All Aboard!

Amber: On my vision board I have a photo of a really cozy living room with books, a fireplace and comfy blankets. I always wanted my home to be super inviting. A safe and warm haven for my children and pets to grow up in. After a much needed holiday I am ready to get […]

Zen and the Art of the Vision Board Home

I have several vision boards. They are littered “consciously” around my house. My home is my office, and it does look like some sort of visionary construction zone! I don’t like sitting much, and this physical restlessness drives me to have 3 or 4 desks, depending on whether I include my couch as a desk. […]

Forum Discussion for the Week of Mar. 13 – Lights, Camera, Vision Board

Ladies! We are rolling! As always, but especially, over the last few weeks, we have had some excellent conversations. Given the reason (why!) we gather here is to challenge and support each other into clarity with regards to our visions. At this moment, we are perhaps as clear as a girl could be! We know […]

The Ripple Out: Go Lady, GO!

Leni: Little hands, giggles, eyes looking up at me and arms stretched up as code for “carry me”, peekaboo, singsongs, allowing them to ‘help’ you, playing hide and seek a billion times and acting surprised when they always hide in the same one of two places. Then, heartfelt conversations in the car, calls when they’re […]

The Perfect Why

Parker: I’m still looking for the meaning, or at least looking to better understand the meaning in my life – the Why. I glimpse it here and there, out of the corner of my eye. I have passionate opinions on many things, and some look like they might stick if I pursued them. I am […]

Show Me the Money, Honey

  You’ll laugh if you have ever heard one of my rants about people talking about money all the time, but perhaps my most critical and practical why is money. Cold hard. With interest. Stacked with. You got it. Cash. But I swear, I can explain! I am an entrepreneur after all. I didn’t know […]

Forum Topic for the Week of March 6 – Why Oh Why

Ladies! Why oh why Miss American Pie! I know you’ll kick me, but it’s a good one, and it will keep you singing with your vision all week. Good Company. “Your big why” is a prominent buzz phrase these days. WHY are you doing what you are doing in life? Why are those goals your […]

Practice Is As Practice Does

It’s true. I just had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, and she was really inquisitive about what I am doing these days. She was overwhelmed by how “good” I look. That makes me laugh! I definitely feel so awesome lately that I have hardly noticed how good I look because […]


Amber: I am committed to my vision of balance within my professional and family life.  Working on inner strength, inner calm, well being, confidence and integrity allows me to see the bigger picture with patience.  When given solutions for better balance of work and family life I remain open-minded.  When given solutions or ideas I will not […]

Vision in Motion

Amber: I am being asked increasingly to do more and more training with people and their pets.  A big part of my vison has always been to help people work through issues that arise with their pets.  Often times the pet is pointing out what the owner needs to work on most.  They are fantastic at […]

Ensuring the Bullseye

Parker: I’m very proud of myself for the seemingly small changes I’ve made since the year began. Going to bed earlier routinely, and on evenings out, I go to bed as soon as I get home – no stopping at the computer or the like. I have been eating well, and on a routine also. […]

Forum Discussion for the Week of Feb. 20 – The Visionary’s Vision

Well Ladies… At long last, feels like the gang’s all here. Feels amazing. For me, as both the creator and the steward of Consciously Woman, that vision has come to a foundational completion of sorts. That feels amazing too! This week, let’s focus on our individual visions. Let’s the YOU of this fantastic ship benefit […]

Marvelous, Darling. You Are Absolutely Marvelous.

Parker: Today, I have been going out of my way to give myself compliments. In my mind, they sound like something I would hear from a friend, or perhaps what I would say to someone else. A sample: “That skirt looks really good” | “I think it’s great that you’re sticking to these healthy breakfast […]

Forum Discussion for the Week of Feb. 13 – Happy LOVE Day Ladies!

Ladies! Wow. All I can say is: wow. What a moving-past-paralysis last week was. Thank you so much for diving into that very particular deep. Even already, and even though I am already a privileged woman, privileged to live in a diverse first world community, I have found more ways I can share my own […]

My Beautiful Body

Sabine: To say that a health crisis is a privilege sounds quite daring to me, and I wouldn’t have put it that way a year or two ago. That’s because I was in the middle of it, fighting it, feeling anything but grateful for it. I guess some parts of me even hated it. Yet […]

My Charter of Rights and Freedoms Includes YOU… ah, and me.

Parker. I can’t say enough how deeply grateful I am for your post. I am ridiculously privileged. I have stated that publicly upon many occasions in my history, and every single time it has been mocked, or scoffed, eyes rolling, ya, you’re an asshole and you’ll never know how it is. It’s generally a money […]

Forum Topic for the Week of Feb. 6 – An Honour and a Privilege

Ladies. There is an important task at hand. That task is to use our freedom and our privilege to open the doors for the people around us who cannot do so as easily, for whatever reason. It is more than the limitations of our countries, our races, our genders, our socioeconomic circumstances, or our abilities. […]

The Artist Date: The Purposeful and Meaningful Romance of Life

Leni: Driving to my exam was actually relaxing. I realized it had been a while since I took a decent ride without a destination. Despite my enjoyment, I had other things on my mind, so I decided it’s time to crank the tunes up and enjoy the open road. I set everything up: my hot […]

Both of My Extremes

That Sushi looks incredible! Way to go Ladies! I love how even though it was just you and Kadie at home you garnished with lime! She must have loved that! I LOVE cemeteries. I know; it’s morbid… but they are so inspiring. There is something there, because for me there is nothing there. So so […]

Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 30 – Wait for it… The Artist Date!

Hi Ladies! Yup, it’s probably our favourite topic yet. Rinse. Repeat! It’s the perfect chaser for last week’s good deeding. And, you know me, gots to keep those huge doors of feeling amazing wide open. The Artist Date is the perfect bridge, a really clean and obvious way to connect “feeling good” to your creativity. […]

Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 22 – You’ll Sparkle

Good Morning Ladies! As promised, the call topic fairy has arrived! She brings with her, well, a rather interesting pause in our conversations. We have been thinking about intentions, actions, and the new year for a couple of weeks now. This was naturally leading us to a week or so of getting reacquainted with our […]

Get the Funk Out

Leni: I’m not sure what kind of funk I”m in but it’s a definite funk.  I’ve spent the day running errands, writing and studying.  I’m sorry to say that this week has been brutally boring for me and I’m just trying to be on this stuff and be there for my mom as well. I’ve […]

To Do Do Do, To… Not Now

Adrienne: Good Morning Ladies! A big thank you! I’m all over the map. A busy and emotional week, and I am charging through a back-end to-do list. After spending the last hour on here reading your posts I feel energised and organised. I am on my way out the door for another 2 days of […]

Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 16 – Commitment to a “Better” New Year

Ok Ladies. Must be done. One last “New Year” thing: connecting real life actions in the energy of your spectacular year unfolding. This is bona fide reality. Last week we did intentions. These are desired expectations, that generally come true over time, when you want them to, but you are not focused on them. Ha […]

The Funkinista in Me Sees the Fashionista in You

Parker: This year, I intend to progress towards a better wardrobe. I have been pondering this particular situation for some time now (capsule wardrobe? uniform for work? what is my casual style? how can I have less clothes and love those ones I do have more?) I do not mean in terms of having more […]

Intentional Food for Thought

Haha… I’m laughing! My first intention is to eat better! I woke up this morning after sleeping in. The sleep-in was planned, and luxuriously fantastic, but I did feel VERY guilty – esp after logging on here to seal in my eating “better” intention! I just re-read the call topic I posted last night, and […]

Like This. Exactly Like This.

This week’s summary is just some quick words to support the point of this week’s discussion topic, and to point at the big picture “point” of this awesome community of women.  Perhaps the most poignant a-ha this week was understanding that the abundance we are all seeking (us and the world at large) is the […]

Home Is Where My Art Is

Leni: Parker, everytime I’ve gone to a new place, the walls, floors and ceiling told me what they wanted. Before the apartment I’m in now, I was in a loft with double-floor height walls and grey exposed pipes. Natural element didn’t feel right on these walls… only as furniture. I purchased two photos on canvas… […]

Weekly Discussion Summary: Only My Favourite Things

Ha! Too funny. I just got home from kind of an unplugged day – unplugged from any kind of schedule, except to get snow tires early in the am! It was such a fantastic and definitely atypical day! I got my snow tires put on, breakfast with Dad, and met an African grey parrot. It […]

I’m Learning to Craft the Impulse

My guilty pleasure… The Vampire Diaries. There are a million quote-pics, but this one was the one for us. CW is every day for me and it’s the place where we get to be unabashedly awesome. My every day includes this gratitude, and perhaps is driven by it. I’m all about the full circleness of […]

Leonard Cohen

Adrienne: Leonard Cohen. Of course. Always. This is my favourite of his: Dance Me to the End of Love. I have this song as “children’s book” and it is one of the books that travel with me where ever I go. Back and forth across the country 13 times. When I read it, it is […]

Weekly Discussion Summary: You Are Zena, Sheena, and Jessica Jones

What a great week together with this topic. We decided last night on the call that, really, we could do almost any topic together and it would be amazing. We learn so much about ourselves from each other, always a deepening of self awareness. But most important, always a deepening of that self awareness into […]


Gracie: The epitome of warrior-Archery! This was a few years ago at college. I was totally channeling the energy of Katniss Everdeen. Power. Adrienne: So awesome! There has definitely been an element of “markswoman” in me this week. The call topics are always an evolution of the conversation, and this one landed perfectly for me. […]

Weekly Discussion Summary: It Was About the Opportunity to Shine

Ladies, this was an incredible week. It may even have been our best week ever together. Who knew that bragging would be the chattiest of conversations we’ve ever had?! Very fun. As I am tying up this week’s call topic in my mind, the thing that stands out the most is how none of us […]

I am Winning! Winning at life 😉

Patsy: I love this topic, just like the past few weeks. I write one, than read others peoples’ share and i get all excited and think of all these other things that I hadn’t consciously noticed in me. Yay! Much love for your fabulousness ladies Does bragging about my English count?? I fully immersed myself […]

The Life of Tumble

Gracie: I wrote this last winter. It’s a love story, with a much deeper meaning than the words convey. I am very proud of it! The Life of Tumble Dedicated to my little tumbleweed xo How would you like to be tossed about by Wind every time she howls? Wind is not my friend. She […]

Easy Peasy Apple Squeezy

Patsy: All week I have been canning apple juice! Last Sunday I got the immense pleasure of heading to Edibles farm and juice with an amazing family and friends. This is permaculture in action! Good people connecting to good food. Apple pressing is a little like a barn rise, the more hands the easier and […]

A Splash of Friendliness Goes a Long Way

Sabine: O.k., I’ll go first this time: my friendliness. E.g. today as I was shopping an American couple tried to make the pharmacist understand what they need (the woman had a cold), but the poor lady behind the counter didn’t really understand. So I jumped in and asked if she had mucus and translated for […]

Weekly Discussion Summary: So Much Love Back At Ya

As always, a stellar call. But you knew that, that’s how we roll. It’s so amazing to connect with like-minded and like-energied women, and esp in this refreshingly positive place! Our community is like that, and this week’s call topic was particularly like that. We built this community on the premise that the women we […]