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I am a recovering perfectionist, learning to accept the new me following a head injury that left me unrecognizable from the inside, while completely unchanged from the outside…until my exterior fell apart because my internal path was lost. Learning to not only live with, but thrive with an invisible injury/illness has been the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome so far in my life. Yet, through this experience, I have been given many amazing gifts! One has been the gift of self care. I began my artistic and self exploring journey with “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. I learned to play and experiment, and appreciate the happy accidents. Through online courses, I learned that I can do whatever I set my mind to if I just believe I can, and put self criticism and perfectionism aside. I have been introduced to many artists that have touched my heart in one way or another. And, through art, I have found peace, and play…an active form of meditation, if you will. Art has been a saviour for me. And then I found running, which not only feeds my mental and emotional soul, but also helps to take care of my physical body. Through running I have learned that I CAN accomplish my goals, I AM good enough, and I CAN do anything I put my mind to. Both art and running have helped me to accept where I am right now and feed my heart and soul, my mental, emotional and physical self. My hope is to share some of my moments of inspiration, in hopes of lighting a spark in you to do the same. Embrace your inspiration!

Why did you join Consciously Woman? 

I joined Consciously Woman because it sounds like an amazing place to share thoughts and meet people and get inspired by like minds. I believe in lifting others, and I believe that this forum does just that. By sharing our talents AND our voices, we can lift and support one another. And I am a newbie entrepreneur, so the experience and guidance of other women sounds incredibly valuable and helpful.

What is your Vision? What is your Dream? 

Wow…ok, here goes. My vision is to one day own my own studio where I host other artists and artisans in leading and teaching their gifts to eager students. This studio will also include an art supply shop, and a gallery to showcase and sell my art, as well as the art of the teachers. My dream is to help people discover and play with their inner child.



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