Patsy LussierPermaculture Consultant


    Thanks for being curious about me. I’m Patsy! How should I introduce myself…

    I am a simple honest version of myself really. I love to live life to its fullest and filling it with experiences. I adore witnessing the human spirit, and the beauty of life itself is what feeds me.

    I am layered and this has allowed me to connect with so many beautiful souls.

    My passion for skiing, the outdoors and sports has defined me for a long time. What keeps me truly connected is the natural world.

    I am a farmer, and the dream is to have a homestead. In the interim I am a permaculture designer, practitioner, contractor and gentle leader.

    Fulfilling my human needs in reciprocity with the land is my ultimate dream.


    Latest Contributions

    Bee Kind

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   Spring is in the air! With legacy on the forefront this week, it has brought my attention our ability to act consciously.  My awareness, my willingness to pause, to see, and really observe what is needed and therefore adapt how I show up. As much as […]

    Redundancy, Interconnectivity, and One Step at a Time

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   This week, in our group discussions, as we explore support systems and how we navigate the unexpected, oh so many lessons from the garden come up for me! Working with living systems for a few years now, I’ve come to a humble realization: we do not […]

    Think Global. Act Local.

    Written by: Patsy Lussier, Go Go Green Thumbs   “Expand this opportunity we share together each week – anticipation and excitement and community. The world has the potential to grow and change because of those three energies we explore and hold together.” “What do you want to see in the world? Dream it. Feel it. Create.” […]

    Dream the Harvest

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   Get ready to cultivate the good fortune that comes your way.   Surprises can make us feel uncomfortable. This natural reaction may not allow us to fully receive the good fortune that comes our way. This week I would like to ensure that when the opportunities […]

    It’s Just What We Do…

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   This week talking about awesomeness habits I originally was thinking of what I make myself do on a regular basis. Those tend to be my healthy habits, which support me immensely, the benefits are so incredible they out way the work, the commitment part. But than […]

    I Believe in Kindness

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   I am such a feelings person. I feel deeply, I care so much. And that, is part of my charm! This is a big reason why I love the life design principles of permaculture. It is fulfilling our humans need in a way that genuinely cares. […]

    Labour of Love

    Written by: Patsy Lussier, Go Go Green Thumbs   Sustainability! It can feel like a pretty big concept. Which in a sense it is, as it is so encompassing and can be applied to so many fields, so many aspects of our lives, like a philosophy. So how do I look at sustainability without feeling […]

    Eat Your Peas!

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   Reduce Complexity, Grow Capacity! That is my one line motto that helps me re-ground instantly with my vision, with the how I want (and love!) to live. I have been clear for quite some time now as to what it is that I want, how it […]

    When the Garden Gives You Rhubarb, Make Lemonade

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   But really! With my current soil and climate, I can’t quite grow everything I would typically like to, yet there is still so much abundance possible with a little adaptation and resilience. I simply need to tap into my own creativity around how to interact with […]

    Keep on Planting

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs   Let’s just keep cultivating, holding space for the harvest. In our gardens, the work is never really done, but to me it has to feel like a labour of love for it to be the nourishing experience I seek and know it can be. This week’s […]

    Lay Down a Path

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Permaculture   The trees are in bloom and seeds are being sowed; spring has sprung. Change happens in chaos. But faced with courage, change can help us blossom and grow in ways we couldn’t imagine. This week I stepped away from my full-time work as I focus on supporting myself and […]

    The Time is Now!

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Permaculture   This slowdown has really given us an opportunity to consciously look at what our needs truly are and adapt how we meet them. I think this an incredible time to bring back the “Victory Garden”. They promise a very tangible material, moral and health benefits especially in times of […]

    Perennials: Less Work, More Reward!

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Permaculture   “In some Native languages, the term for plants translates into ‘those who take care of us.’” ~ Robyn Wall Kimmerer   I am currently reading, for the second time, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants, by Robyn Wall Kimmerer She has such an incredible […]

    A Rainy Year…

    Written by: Patsy Lussier; Permaculture The beauty of observing natural systems is the realization that not everything is perfect, unlike our cultural beliefs, not everything needs to be perfect either. Things simply are. Imperfections play an incredible role – an important role and it’s all about connectivity. Not only allowing the ebbs and flow, but […]

    Working With Nature

    Written by: Patsy Lussier   Ethics in my opinion are a way to collaboratively agree on a True North, similar to values. We use these as behavioral guidelines allowing us to live by a system, with integrity. When we do this, we are living in alignment with ourselves, while also in collaboration with our surroundings […]

    Ready, Set, Sow!

    Written by: Patsy Lussier   Here’s to a fresh start, a new season! The snow is off the garden. The season of possibilities has begun. So time to jump in! With excitement, an open mind and an open heart, action with intention. We have been setting the stage for this for a few weeks now, […]

    Feeling Alive

    Written by: Patsy Lussier Everything I do is so I can feel a certain way. So I can feel alive! At ease, calm, excited, joyful, connected. So I feel like I belong. I belong here on this planet, here with my peeps. Here in my community and in this natural world, I am a part […]

    Let’s Not Be Shy; Let’s Be Seen

    Patsy: This topic is serving in so many ways (once again ha)! I see strength in every woman I encounter and I admire the ones that embrace it.  I believe collectively and culturally we would all benefit so much from every woman owning her strength and femininity. We have already come so far and i […]

    I am Winning! Winning at life 😉

    Patsy: I love this topic, just like the past few weeks. I write one, than read others peoples’ share and i get all excited and think of all these other things that I hadn’t consciously noticed in me. Yay! Much love for your fabulousness ladies Does bragging about my English count?? I fully immersed myself […]

    Easy Peasy Apple Squeezy

    Patsy: All week I have been canning apple juice! Last Sunday I got the immense pleasure of heading to Edibles farm and juice with an amazing family and friends. This is permaculture in action! Good people connecting to good food. Apple pressing is a little like a barn rise, the more hands the easier and […]

    Your Beliefs Are Your Reality

    Again the timing of things for me are unreal! I swear this is true, we had a friend over for dinner last Saturday and it actually came to the conversation if you had a super power what would you want it to be. It’s pretty neat now to bounce that off of I already have […]

    Celebrating the Harvest

    I absolutely love thanks giving diner now, as it is truly a time where I celebrate and shine 😉 For me thanksgiving means celebrating the harvest. It is a fabulous way to go back to our roots. For me personally too when I started with permaculture I quickly connected with food; growing or sourcing good […]

    Consciously Woman is Social Permaculture

    P: So true! This was one of the biggest appeal about Permaculture for me, yes the world has a lot of bad in it, we as a society are interacting in such a negative way with our environment, or so we are brought to believe. Perception and the stories we are willing to follow have […]

    Planting a Garden: Start Fast and Easy This Weekend!

    Planting a Garden: Start Fast and Easy This Weekend!     The long weekend in May is generally considered to be the start of the gardening season. In this article, let’s do a check in on the most important aspects of your vegetable plot to get you started quickly and easily this holiday weekend. In […]

    Patsy’s Permaculture Project Meets Team Canada

    I shared this on the call a few weeks back… but here it is – for realz 😀 I am so excited; I made team Canada  😉 Here is the link that describes the project in detail: We Feed The Planet – WFTP Team Canada, http://www.slowfoodyouthnetwork.org/we-feed-the-planet I am representing at We Feed the Planet in Italy […]

    12 Principles of Permaculture

    Permaculture is: “Earth care; people care” Listed here are the 12 principles of Permaculture, a philosophy and practice that establishes and promotes a more-than-sustainable future. It is a future of generative abundance. Observe and Interact Catch and Store Energy Obtain a Yield Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback  Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services […]

    Green is IN: Nourishing your Body is the Foundation for Everything!

    Whether as a woman you are focus on physical strength, logical genius and/or creative expression, for you and your soul to flourish you need health and i believe it simply starts with a nourished body. Eating healthy nutritious food is definitely my number one expression of self-care. Once that is done everything else comes with […]