Sabine RoggermeierBody Code Practitioner

Hi! My name is Sabine, and I live in Munich, Bavaria. I feel blessed to have been born and raised in this beautiful and gorgeous southern part of Germany.

Previously I worked in the fields of finances and taxes for twenty plus years. While I was good and successful at what I was doing, I started to realize that I wasn’t fully satisfied.

It was learning the Emotion Code and the Body Code that gave me a way to integrate my enthusiasm and interest in human behaviour into my professional life. Now instead of focusing on numbers I get to work with what’s really at the core of my heart: people.



Latest Contributions

How Fascinating!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Are you one of those people who enjoy to learn about the lives of others, whether that’s by watching a documentary, reading a biography or getting to know new people in real life? If so I bet you couldn’t wait for better weather to come around and cafés reopening their […]

The Fear Balance

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Do you enjoy fear? I surely don’t, nevertheless I know it can also be useful. Sometimes it is even literally life-saving, when fear keeps us from doing things that might get us seriously hurt. Other times it is a road sign. It shows us opportunities to grow and places we […]

New Input

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Are you one of those people who enjoy to learn about the lives of others, whether that’s by watching a documentary, reading a biography or getting to know new people in real life? If so I bet you couldn’t wait for better weather to come around and cafés reopening their […]

I Am vs. I Should

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   I recently made an interesting observation of what my best self looks like. A friend of mine is in the hospital at the moment. I talked to her on the phone to see how she’s doing and what’s going on. I knew she would love to get visitors and told […]

Einstein Knew it Best

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   I enjoy the fine humor of Albert Einstein, so let’s start with one of his quotes, shall we? “I believe in intuitions and inspirations. …I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.” Albert Einstein Isn’t that how intuition often works? You feel it, but […]

The Superpower of Learning

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   I didn’t always feel about learning the way I do now. When I had to go to school there were many times I felt frustrated and unmotivated to accumulate the knowledge I was expected to gather. Then again, I have to question whether that was about learning itself or rather […]

Night Owl

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   For me the guilty pleasure is going to bed late. I feel like I’ve been like that all my life. I remember when I was a child I was too curious of what was going on once I would go to bed, especial when we had visitors. It was the […]

Choose For Yourself

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   As women we have this internal desire to do things that are meaningful. Doing such things deeply resonates with us and makes our hearts sing. At the same time and often because of said desire we wear many hats: wife, mother, daughter, friend, lover, boss, entrepreneur or employee (maybe even […]

Once and Never

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Once upon a time a little baby girl was born into a strikingly normal family. There was a father, a mother and a few siblings. There were dinners, games, sibling rivalry, school and parents who meant well. Sometimes though the little girl felt as different as an orange skinned child […]

The Power of Hypersensitivity

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Society as a whole, and we as individuals, often judge things to be a weakness, when in reality they are strengths. For me one of those things was my being sensitive. I hadn’t recognized it as such for a long time in my life, probably due to naturally having a […]

A Change of Vista

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   My Artist Date was a tour through one of the parks nearby. It was so delightful as the green was luscious and fresh! When I headed home I decided to sit on a bench I had never sat upon before. As I looked at the little pond in front of […]

Me First

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Don’t you hate it when people openly live with an attitude of “Me first”? How dare they! Then again, maybe some of them know something that we’re not aware of. When was the last time you were on an airplane? Do you remember what the flight attendant said while showing […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Have you heard and seen it as much as I did lately, the exhaustion and tiredness that is all around? Have you felt it, too? Life has been eating at us. The last 24+ months were intense to say the least: a global pandemic that came alongside a ton of […]

The Other Path

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   We call it inspiration, innate knowing, a feeling or prompting. Having a hunch, a gut reaction or a sixth sense are other ways to describe it. Intuition has many names and at least as many ways to show up in our lives. While rationality is seen by many as the […]

Vulnerability is Not Expressed in One Day

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   We live in a very unique place in time. Never before has mankind had the technological advances or the ability to collect knowledge as quickly as we can now. Yet the special global situation we are in at the moment with the health, social, economic as well as political challenges […]

Go Play

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   The ability to live in a balanced way is a life skill, a very essential one. I didn’t have this skill, or at least I didn’t apply it for far too long a time; so long indeed that I crashed in a serious way, which left me with almost no […]

Just Imagine

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier Do you know how much power to create you hold? It is estimated that we have an average of 35.000 thoughts per day or more. And did you know that although the brain accounts for only 2% of the weight of the body, it consumes 20% of the body’s energy? That […]

Uncomfortable Surplus

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Does your plenty ever make you feel uncomfortable when you are around other people? Do you feel the need to hide a certain aspect of yourself in order to fit in with the people around you? That aspect could be wealth, health, your gifts, talents or learned skills, your positive […]

Rise and Reach

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Have you ever made yourself smaller for the benefit of others? Did you ever shy away from giving your all for the fear of others criticizing you for it? Restricting yourself in order to not trigger others doesn’t help anyone. The person who attacks you for showing up as your […]

Freedom of Expression

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   The right to articulate our opinions, ideas and thoughts without fear of being censored or retaliated is so important to us that it not only has a long history in human societies but it has been enshrined in different acts through the ages. Nevertheless no matter how much room these […]

Be What You Already Are

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Do you ever have moments when you’re not pleased or even annoyed by something you do while on the other hand someone else really likes it? It may be something you said, a picture you drew, the way you prepared a dish. It could be anything really. Obviously the other […]

First Love

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Do you remember the first time you fell in love, head over heels as they say? How did it make you feel and what did it make you do? We wanted to spend every waking hour with the other one longing to feel connected. Getting to know every detail about […]

The Secret Sauce

  Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Body Code Practitioner   In order to successfully move forward in life, you need to know not only what that looks like for you personally, but also how to sustain that motion. You need to know your own secret sauce to success if you will. I have learned a long […]

Intentionally Open

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Women are nurturing beings. It’s easy for us to give. Often it’s much easier for us to freely give than to freely receive. When somebody wants to pay for coffee or dinner or when we’re the receiving end of any other random act of kindness how does that make us […]

Care for the Spark

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   “I feel something new is starting. This is the time of women.” a female friend said to me recently. I feel the same. That being said I don’t mean to bash men. We need good men with all the attributes they carry; they are crucial. We also need balance. Coming […]

You and Your Heart

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Do you ever feel like you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing? We’re at this point again when it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, looking for goals to accomplish throughout the year. As we all unfortunately know by experience most of those goals tend to fall through, some […]

Emerging Artist

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   An artist takes in the impulses of the world around her and then allows herself to create something that is true to what she feels inside. An artist pays attention to the beauty of life and enjoys the process, the development of her art. An artist gives herself the space […]

That’s Me

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Women are relationship creatures. We love relationships. We live for relationships. We even have unique gifts that qualify us to be something like a guardian of relationships. Let me ask you: What’s the relationship like with yourself, your inner child? Do you like yourself? Do you tell yourself you love […]

Back to Centre

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   The Holidays are just around the corner; potential for so much joy and yet so much stress, too. They are a brilliant example of expectations that are simply set too high. We want things and people to be perfect. At the same time we are often in social settings that […]

The Vision of Dropping the Balls

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Are you in it yet? In the middle of the yearly recurring pre-Christmas frenzy where a thousand things need to get done before you can settle into a few cozy days and the end of the year? Isn’t it interesting that two of our major religions, Judaism and Christianity, have […]

Side Effects of Change

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   We live in demanding times; we live in marvelous times. We live in times of change. Change comes to us in various forms. It can be “forced” upon us, such as when we get fired or promoted; we enter into a new partnership or a virus spreads around […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   So many shoulds, so little time. Is that your life too, sometimes? We are so results-oriented in our Western societies that creating a certain outcome often seems to be the only true achievement, the only way to be successful. There are so many shoulds in this world we […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   Thinking about my best self recently and what that looks like, even my self-critical part realized that actually I am always trying to put my best foot forward. That doesn’t mean I am perfect, but I am generally trying to do and give my best. I am human and have […]

Let Her Speak

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   You know the drill. You feel fulfilled. Everything is going fine on the outside: hubby, kids, school, job, business, or whatever else is part of your life. Yet there is something out of balance inside of you. It might show up in your body, your emotions or your […]

Ciao. Adieu. Good-bye.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier;   Did you ever feel that as you put your intentions towards a certain goal or outcome all of a sudden things turn towards the worse? You may have physical issues pop up or intensify. Old useless patterns you want to get rid of seem to be evermore present. Faulty beliefs […]

A Healer’s Energy

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Do you have a healer’s energy? Did you even ever think about that? Having a natural ability to assist others in healing is not something that is or even can be taught or explained, not in school and rarely at home. So how do you know? I’d say […]

The Bridge

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Getting from where you are to where you want to be is a journey that starts with the first step, whether that may be a change in your business, your behaviour, or your relationships. If the goal is to express yourself in a new way, you may feel […]

Navigating My Intuition

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Through the years I have learned something about receiving intuition: When you run fear in your body you cannot get any clear guidance. It’s like a switch-off button for your intuition. It seems there isn’t enough room in your body to hold both energies at the same time, […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   I enjoy a good quote from Albert Einstein: “I believe in intuitions and inspirations. …I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.” Isn’t that how intuition often works? You feel it, but you don’t know that it’s true. That’s because intuition runs […]

Two Lives

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Resistance is a tricky thing. It often mimics the need for more. More information, more resources, more security, more clarity, more structure, more assurance, more orderliness, more, more, more. As if the question yet again is, “Is this enough?” Or plain “Am I enough?” Resistance is a sign […]

Trust: A Part of Creation

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching Trust is an integral part of any creation. When we feel called to create something new it is a step into the unknown for us. That can be scary at times, but we feel this internal pull forward. We may wonder whether we have everything it takes to birth […]

The Island

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Feeling overwhelmed and busy is a well-known place for most women. It often comes like a huge typhoon wave; quickly approaching the shore making us feel as if we are about to drown. It can make us feel powerless and unable to change the experience. Yet we are […]

What is Your Success?

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   We all need validation. It is a human need. We thrive on it. However, expecting continual validation from an external source can create problems as it opens the door to becoming dependent on it. As a business owner this can cause hesitancy to moving forward. It feeds the […]

Strings Unattached

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Did you know that children up to the age of seven or eight years old are like sponges? When we come into this world there is so much for us to learn, like eating, speaking, walking, how to behave etc., we are created for this time period to […]

Take Stock

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   I remember last year when the very first lockdown started, one of the first things I did was take inventory of my storage. It felt good to know what and how much I had of the things I used in everyday life, as well as what I […]

Which One Are You Hearing?

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   We all had it at some point in our lives, maybe we even have it regularly: that nasty inner dialogue. A voice in your head that tells you what you should do, what’s not okay and why in the world you didn’t do that better. You can […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   Have you ever applied make up without a mirror? Foundation should be easy. I’ve done lipstick before and it worked. But doing the whole shebang? The result is so much better with a little bit of reflection from the outside aka a mirror, isn’t it? If you […]

Up On Nourishing

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Life wouldn’t be possible without nourishment, and someone else right from the get-go provides us with it. It starts when we are still in our mother’s womb, and she sustains us with everything she takes in herself, which remains this way until we can take in food on […]

I Rock. Get it?

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Many of us are well accustomed with feeling not good enough. It is a negative belief that is so common especially among women one could think that it is a part of being feminine. This feeling can be easily triggered when you’re in expansion. It’s a sign that […]


  Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   The times we live in are demanding. On top of the hustle and bustle of everyday business as well as private life we had to become accustomed to the new way of living in the last 15+ months with lockdowns, home schooling, wearing masks, checking the […]

Stop and Take Note

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Have you ever been literally overcome by emotions? That can happen when we are in an extreme stressful situation, e.g. when we are experiencing the loss of a loved one or a sudden strike of drama such as a car accident or getting fired unexpectedly or having a […]

The Key

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   We tend to divide our emotions between positive and negative ones. I get it. Positive emotions are easier to bear, even enjoyable versus the negative ones that often feel heavy and dark. Nevertheless those lower frequency emotions have a reason for their existence as well. They give us […]

It’s Summer!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier It’s a time when anything seems possible. The days are warmer and longer. So much can happen in a season in which the temperatures allow our living space to enlarge by all of the outdoors. There is more life; in nature, in yourself and on the streets. Even this year it […]

The Next Station

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier   We all had experiences in our lives that transformed us. Most of those that shaped us deeply happened in our younger years. This is because in those growing up years our minds worked differently. It was mainly the right side of the brain that was active doing the work of […]

Like a Tree

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier, Immersion Coaching   Remember how I talked about being boldly grounded in what is right for your life without the need to explain when I was describing how to live loud last week? I want to dive deeper into that today. When I talk about being boldly grounded I think of […]

How? Loud!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Surely you have experienced that, too: other people posing probing questions concerning your life: “Why are you doing this? And why aren’t you doing that?” What do you do with those questions and how do handle the people asking them? What would it look and feel like if […]

Just Drop It!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   I love decluttering for when it’s done, the added physical clarity and order bring such joy and lightness. The motivation to throw things out though, must come from inside, not from an external need. For me that comes from deep cleaning internally first, then my physical surroundings simply […]

Detox and Then?

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   It’s this time of the year when the habit of external spring cleaning shows up again as well as lots of ways to detox internally being presented in the media, whether that’s in order to get back into shape for your bikini or simply using this season of […]

Attention Please!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching As different as we are we all have a few things in common, one of which is the need to be seen and the desire to be heard. One way or another we all have moments when we crave connection and attention. We want to share our experiences, the […]

Uncertain Certainty

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Do you favour predictability over variety? Is it hard for you to maintain your mental or emotional flexibility when a situation suddenly changes? Does your mind tend to loop in order to find the right way out of a perceived problem? Does it make you feel uneasy when […]

The Oyster’s Way

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   When we get hurt, disappointed or even feel betrayed by another human’s behaviour, our common sometimes even consciously chosen reaction is to close down. The intention behind it is that when we don’t let anybody in we cannot get hurt ever again. In the Body Code we have […]

Shower Heading

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   You’re knocking on your neighbour’s door all ready and prepared with your toolbox in hand. “Hello!” you say upon him opening the door. “I am here to fix your shower head.” “My what?” “Your shower head.” You’re all smiles. “Why?” “Because it’s dripping. Haven’t you noticed?” “No, in […]

A Loyal Heart

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   You needed them to love you, to see you as you are. They didn’t always do that; they never went that far. Your answer was to try to please them, harder every day. They never took the bait, no matter what you’d say.   Your heart took hits […]

Receiving is Giving is Receiving

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Would you be willing to help a friend or a neighbour in need? Would you also be just as keen to ask for help and then receive it? I bet a lot of people would answer the first question with an enthusiastic “Sure.”, only to then hesitate regarding […]

Cultivating the C.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   How are you doing with the confidence and its bodily expression you found during last week’s exercise these days? Did you learn something new about yourself? Or did you achieve something special? This week we want to go for another round and see how to cultivate confidence. There is a […]

Make it About the Growth

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching Post-traumatic stress can be developed when a person witnessed, experienced or was repeatedly exposed to major trauma that includes a threat to one’s life, serious injury or violence. It resets the brain to be in an ongoing active state that can’t be turned off easily. Some acknowledge that a […]

Like a Horse

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching Have you ever treated yourself like a horse, putting on a snaffle and pulling on the reins to make yourself go where you need to go? Sounds like a weird picture, doesn’t it? Nevertheless many of us do exactly that on a daily basis. As we grew up we […]

Ready? Ready.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching Abuse is one of the most destructive experiences a person can have; nevertheless almost all of us get acquainted with this sort of situation throughout our lifetime, some even on more than one occasion. Also if some may have undergone a mild version of it, mild doesn’t mean non-shattering. […]

Linking Arms

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching So you set out to create something amazing, pursue a goal or just go about your everyday life and there is that voice that says things like: “I’ll never make it, why am I even trying? I’m just too stupid. Who do I think I am? I don’t deserve […]

Berry On

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching Changes and the unknown are a recurring part of life. So much out there, so much potential to change, improve and try new things; willingly or unwillingly. “Will I make it?” is a question that comes to the forefront of the mind when confronted with change and newness. Will […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Plans for creating a new year were big in the last few weeks, naturally. I have creations on my mind, too. How about you? Do you feel the urge to create something? Do you have concrete plans? Or is it still there in the unclear phase?  Maybe you […]

Sane Secret

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching Going crazy is easy these days. I’m not necessarily talking clinically, but just about the overthinking and over-worrying leaving you all stressed out. Life is full of crazy things going on right now. How do you move through those moments or days? My secret right now is a quote […]

All I Am

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching I read something really smart the other day about the old year: “2020 wasn’t the year to get everything we ever wanted. It was the year to treasure everything we already have.” As soon as I read it I took this amazing idea and brought it to the table […]

Creatures of Creation

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching Creators are powerful. They bring into existence what wasn’t there before. You are such a powerful creature, whether you know it or not. Being human means to inherently have the power within you to create. Every day of your life you are creating. A home, a family, a person, […]

Got It?

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching While I’m well into my adult years I sometimes have this nagging feeling of being a child inside still. This is not the good childlike kind, it’s the “I don’t have my life together, while everybody else does.” kind. Have you ever had such moments? As we recently discussed […]

What a New Life

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching That life in 2020 has been completely different than what we had expected at the turn of the year isn’t an exaggeration by any means. We had to find new ways to do our work, to come together as family and friends, to homeschool our children the necessities of […]

Non-uniform Me

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Authenticity, it’s such a buzzword for years now. Did you ever think about what that really means to you? There are a number of things that contribute to authenticity for me: Honesty with myself to be conscious of what is really me: my likes and dislikes, my strengths […]

Better Together

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Circle the Child   In those important years of turning from a child to a teenager to an adult the youth needs help; help to master this immense developmental phase. “It takes a village”, as they say. Youth groups are one such way to give teenagers the support they need. To […]

The Value of Writing

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   I have a ton of them in the attic. Journals. Written down life experiences, thoughts and feelings. Expressing my everyday life on paper may seem trivial sometimes, but it is beneficial in so many ways. I release the stress I gathered throughout the day and express my even […]

The Key to Change

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   Adapting your business to a new situation such as the current pandemic can be daunting, yet also highly beneficial, even beyond being able to stay in business or even growing it. It gives you an opportunity to gain further clarity about what you do and what your genius […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   As I was thinking about my best self and what that looks like, even my self-critical part realized that actually I am always trying to put my best foot forward. That doesn’t mean I am perfect, but I am generally trying to do and give my best. I […]


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   After having planted my first ever garden last year I am expanding it this year and am totally thrilled. I have never considered myself a gardener as I never found gardening to be any fun. Ripping out weeds, mowing the lawn and such things always sounded boring to […]

Be Your Own Valentine

  Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching   So here it is, the day we celebrate love! Traditionally we are getting loved from the “outside” that day. Well, and who doesn’t like to receive a thoughtful gift from a loved one; whether it is a friend, your child or a romantic partner? But what if […]

The Habit of Creativity

  Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   These days, I am having an Artist Date almost every night! I started this maybe three weeks ago. I saw this posted on Instagram and loved the idea: someone had used an old book as an art journal. Since we have a public bookshelf close by […]

Self-Generosity Re-Loaded

  Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich im Sein   Last year I chose the theme of self-generosity for 2019, meaning being as generous and open-hearted towards myself as I am so easily to others during this festive season. It took only a few moments after reading this week’s topic to choose this intention all over […]

Coming Home

  Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   Who doesn’t love signs? The ones you randomly see and that touch your heart because you know they were meant for you. I remember a time when I saw repetitive numbers. It was almost each time I looked at a digital clock; saw telephone numbers or […]

Friends and Laughter

written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   What cheers me on, brings me joy and makes me laugh? That’s easy: Friends! No, I don’t mean the ones you invite over for dinner or go shopping with, although they definitely can have the same effect. I mean the ones with a big “F”, you know, […]

Weihnachtsmärkte in München

written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   Just yesterday I saw an Amazon deliveryman ring someone’s doorbell holding a huge package with Christmas designs on it. Shopping for presents online is such a popular thing and I admit I do it, too. It is so much less stressful than going downtown and trying to […]

Banana Heaven

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   When presented with the recurring topic of the Artist Date I immediately thought of the public collection of antiquities we have here in Munich. I have always wanted to take a sketchpad and spend a whole day there. Then on the day I had planned my Artist […]

Step into the Unknown

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich im Sein   I have to admit that being scared is not among my preferred emotions! And when I first read this week’s topic I thought: “Oh no!” But then things unfolded quite naturally and I am here to tell you how amazing it is to be successful despite being […]

I’m a Hot and Creative Intuitive

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich im Sein   Wow, it was amazingly hard to come to this statement for this week’s topic. It is even harder to write it for you to read this. I want to shy away from it as it feels like I am claiming something that I’m not or that it […]

I Am Who I Am

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   It’s not just a name I give myself when I self-deprecate, it is a full sentence: “I am not good enough!” Because why not spend a whole sentence on putting yourself down versus just one meagre word, right!? Note the sarcasm! Here are several thoughts I have […]

Lighting the Path

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich im Sein   As I experience so often, our weekly topic has amazing timing! For the last week has made me extremely grateful, and for what is as clear as day: guidance! I know I’ve been guided my whole life, even in moments when at that time I could not […]

What a Joy!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein   Honestly, for this week’s topic, I had to go back to my old post to see what I had chosen as something I wanted to grow. Quite funny considering I had chosen to literally plant seeds—or seedlings if you will! Then again, maybe it is a sign […]

Teach the Change

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein I love teaching. I could never be a schoolteacher, that’s just not in me. But I had ample opportunities to teach all throughout my life. I have taught people of all ages, from 3-year-olds all the way up to seniors in their 90s. The concept of aiding someone […]


Written by: Sabine Roggemeier; Gluecklich Im Sein The first day of school I remember the best is my very first day of school. I was beyond excited to finally be a school kid. I have been curious my whole life, driving my mother insane with “why” questions as I was growing up. Now I would […]

You Say Tomato!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein I’ve never heard the expression of “paying it forward” for doing something kind without any thought of being reimbursed, but I like it! There is a show called “Random Acts of Kindness” where they do nice things for strangers. I love that show and whenever I feel really […]

Are You Making Peace?

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein If you’ve lived long enough on this planet you have felt this way too: overpowered by your thoughts or emotions, burdened beyond what you feel you can handle, stressed out to the extreme. Overwhelm often makes you feel out of control. Everything and anything seems too much. I […]

Feeling Alive

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein As I so often do these days, I sat down in my garden in order to start writing and read something inspiring, which I always do before I write my posts. It clicks me into the right mental space. So as I was leaning back on the garden […]

The Spontaneous and Unexpected

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein I love when I notice synchronicity striking. Only a few days before reading this week’s topic, I started up an old habit of mine: writing a bullet list of things that happened that day. It is less effort than writing a full journal entry but still helps me […]

Bon Appetit!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluucklich Im Sein What a lovely idea to go back in time and reminisce over childhood vacations! It allowed me to notice that water has been a constant theme in my history of summers already back then. I remember how my family including my grandparents used to go to a certain […]

The Water Element

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich im Sein Water has such a wonderful effect on me in many ways. Like many of you, I try hard to get enough water in at any season, but the hotter it gets the harder it becomes for me to drink enough! Does that sound familiar? It sure seems pretty […]

First Time With Friends

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein It’s officially summer. What makes me say that is actually not the weather report or a look on the thermometer. It is that I finally have my garden furniture out! I had to sand everything off and varnish it. Now I can sit outside again. I am doing […]

We Will Always Be Friends

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein I remember a time a while back when I felt disconnected from a certain friend. We hadn’t argued or anything, we just didn’t have the same level of communication we used to. Even when we saw each other it wasn’t like before. Plus she didn’t react the same […]

Acceptance is Key

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich im Sein As I was looking for a quote to post on Instagram today I came across this one among others: “The reason we suffer from our emotion is not because of the emotion itself, but because of our resistance to that particular emotion.” While I honestly don’t know if […]

Navigating My Intuition

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein Do you remember how I mentioned learning the language my intuition was speaking in my post last week? There was a time when reading my intuition was as easy and simple as going on a walk with a question in mind and getting the answer to it while […]

Fairy World Magic

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein This Artist Date took me a bit by surprise. Let me tell you why. It was Election Day for the European Parliament last Sunday. I usually go vote in the afternoon and then take a little walk afterwards when the weather allows for it. As we had a […]

A Green Thumb After All?

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein What am I planting this spring? Something I have been waiting for all winter long: my own little garden! I once had one tomato and one strawberry plant before and occasionally some herbs, but nothing like this! Fun fact: I’m not a gardener. I mean I never found […]

Women Inspiring Each Other

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein Women are fascinating me. I have searched them for role models all my life. It was rarely a conscious thing, but it’s natural to look at other women when you question yourself as a woman, when you wonder who you are and what you should and want to […]

Simply the Best

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein Mothers. The most amazing creatures on this planet! I am not one of them, yet I can feel the motherly instinct in myself, too. Though I don’t have children of my own, I can love them so much. Most of all I love my friends’ children. They are […]

Laugh Out Loud

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein I love communication. Anybody who knows me well also knows that I love to converse, whether it be a quick chitchat or a long and deep thoughtful conversation. All my life I have been fascinated with the ways we humans communicate. One of my main focuses has always […]

Alive and Clear

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein This Easter we were truly blessed to have such sunny and warm weather. It is quite normal to have a lot of rainy days here in April. Not this year, however, which does make me wish for rain for the sake of nature and everything that is turning […]

The Integrity Tree

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein Prior to writing this, I went on a walk to catch some sun as well as some inspiration. I was thinking about and feeling into what integrity is for me while walking through one of the nearby parks. At the end of the park, there is an old […]

The Joy Code

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein Last week I had a yes week planned. A week to say yes to joy. It was a special week for me as it was my birthday on Friday. This year I decided to make it a whole birthday week. I wanted to experience joy every day — […]

As If It Were Me

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein As we’re talking about what to do when temporarily losing one’s passion let me tell you what I did last Monday night. I had planned on going to the movies all by myself. I’ve always loved going to the movies, but I don’t do it often anymore — […]

Pour on the Love

This topic reminds me of reading Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” years ago. There is an exercise in the book, which asks you to imagine going to the funeral of a loved one three years from now. You see the nice flowers hear the soft music, and as you look […]

Beyond That, I am Grounded

There are times when things go awry that I simply don’t stay out of the stress reaction, which might look like crying or being angry and loudly discussing the situation with myself. Yes, I do speak with myself sometimes, it’s a way to keep my sanity. There is a part in me that would much […]

A World Full of Open Hearts

Open hearts. That’s the world I dream of, one of open hearts. Did you know scientists discovered that electromagnetic signals radiating from a person’s heart are detectable in the brain waves of another person? For me that shows what a powerful force the heart is, a force that reaches far beyond its mere organic functions. […]

Don’t Keep Calm, ‘Cause You Just Won!

I love surprises. Well, the good kind, you know what I mean. I guess that’s why I love fortune cookies and the tea brand that adds an inspiring message to each of their tea bags. (Also, in contrast to the fortune cookies, their teas taste amazing!) They add the fun element of surprise to everyday […]

Green Drink Drunk!

So we’re talking habits this week, particularly the habits that keep us connected to what we want to create in our lives. This ties in nicely with the belief I presented last week: I believe in change! I believe we can change situations and things we don’t feel satisfied with. We can do so by […]

The Courage to Change

Change. I believe in change. I think this belief originates from deep inside of me, right from my core. I remember that even back in my childhood accepting that something cannot be changed was, well, unacceptable for me. Whenever the grown-ups told me about something being “just the way it is” with an air of […]

Super Environmentalist

Recently, I had a conversation with a few women about the zero waste lifestyle. The consensus to which we came was that as wonderful as it is to go zero waste, it can be overwhelming, so it is best to start with a few things that are easy to change and then create momentum from […]

There’s a Spa Day on Our Horizon!

What would my vision gift me with for Valentine’s? What an interesting question! It’s so unique it took me a while to think of something. What would I wish for if I could have anything? What would I really want right now? Then it came to me: an extended weekend at a spa hotel! I […]

Connect it Consciously

Reading this week’s topic my brain did a very surprising thing, especially as we’re talking about the “I have to be/do perfect”-syndrome (closely related to the “I have to control”-syndrome). It went straight to, “I know what I do perfect each day.” Wait what!? I know? Perfect? Had I missed something? Funny thing is, this […]


I was meant to go to an event this prior weekend, but due to a massive onset of winter here in Bavaria it got cancelled and the suggestion was given to use the freed-up time to enjoy the snow. Having the topic of the Artist’s Date from the week before still fresh on my mind, […]

Brownie Points

A sure recipe for success, wouldn’t that be wonderful to have? Especially at this time of year! For me to know what you need do to be successful is a personal matter. You need to know what keeps you motivated and on track as well as how to deal with falling of the wagon, which […]

Self-Generosity: Open Your Heart to Yourself

This is always a special time of year, the days between Christmas and Epiphany. In Germany we refer to this period with “zwischen den Jahren” / “between the years”. It’s a term that is rooted in the difference between the lunar calendar and the solar calendar, which results in these 12 days. For me it […]

Love Actually

Have you ever seen the movie “Love Actually”? In the beginning, as well as in the end, they show all kinds of people welcoming loved ones – friends and family alike – at Heathrow airport. The bond between individuals that is so clearly visible there is the “tradition” I love best. Traditions like food, trees, […]

Stone Soup

Supporting a cause or making donations isn’t something I do because it’s Christmas. I do it whenever I feel it’s the right thing to do. One of those things I’ve done for years now, so long I almost forgot about it when reading this week’s discussion topic. I remember years ago a friend of mine […]

Taking Time to Slow Down and Light a Candle

Each year there are a lot of tell tale signs the holiday season is approaching. Here in Munich they start as early as the beginning of October, when the Oktoberfest is over and gingerbread is popping up all over the super markets. Nevertheless sometimes it feels like Christmas appears so suddenly. I think it might […]

I’m All About Relationships

Unless you meet me under new circumstances, which turn on the shy version of myself (yes, despite people who know me chuckling right now, there is a shy version, trust me!) you will meet the charming me. I think that’s a gene I inherited from my father. I didn’t make that connection until friends of […]

Show the World the Light

After I was done grocery shopping I went to a public bookshelf that is set up at the market place in my area to see whether I could find an interesting read. Attracted by the colour of the cover I pulled out a book called “Warum zeigst du der Welt das Licht? Why do you […]

Je t’aime!

Before leaving for home after visiting some friends in Switzerland last weekend, I went browsing a store with its books, framed pictures, jewellery etc. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific, I just wanted to look around. They had Willow Tree figurines by Susan Lordi. To me they always express human emotions in a very […]

Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds

When I read this week’s topic, I immediately thought of a novella by Swiss poet Gottfried Keller, whose title also serves as a well-used German phrase: “Kleider machen Leute.” The best translation I could find is “Fine feathers make fine birds.” It’s true; the clothes we wear give others ideas about who or what we are. […]

Cosmopolitan Tea Granny

I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m a tea lover – so I’m not a regular customer of any coffee house. Reading about this week’s topic though, I remembered a time when I was in a circle of friends that in fact would meet in a coffeehouse, mostly at Starbucks, every so often. It was back […]

Thank You, Stranger!

You may recall that one of the things on my list for my social media fast was to use a gratitude journal. I felt the need for it even before I started the fast, as I wanted to support myself to be more aware of gratitude and have it grow. I had used an online […]

Oh, the Things I Will Do

Last Monday a friend of mine made a suggestion, and I immediately said “No!” and gave all the “reasons” why. But the thought never left me and I kept mulling it over. Then on Sunday morning I had another external nudge in the same direction. That was all I needed to leave my comfort zone […]

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Reading about this week’s topic reminded me of a scene that took place years ago. I was traveling with friends when one of them had a medical problem. As far as I remember, she wasn’t in a lot of pain, but she was scared as her body reacted in ways she was not accustomed to. […]

Natural Born Curiosity

I’ve always loved to learn more about myself. I used to do those psychological quizzes in magazines. They aren’t necessarily correct most of the time, but they are fun, and they often made me think about new aspects of myself I might not have thought about before. The desire to grow is deeply inherent in […]

I Can Be in Flow if I Can Allow It

Thinking about writing this article on being in flow, I laughed and thought to myself: “Flow? Really? This topic couldn’t have come at a worse time.” But then, as Dickens has said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Maybe that is true for timing as well. For a couple […]

Hey, Kid! Get Outside!

For this Artist Date I ended up in my garden for several reasons: We are currently blessed with a few really warm, late summer days, and since I never know how long they’ll last, I decided to do something outdoors. Recently, I noticed I need to make room for some light fun in order to […]

Opening Up to New Stuff

I am naturally curious, always was, always will be, and I’m proud of it. In fact, I think it is one of my best characteristics as it keeps me engaged in life, and constantly learning and opening up to new stuff. I ask myself, which topics of continual learning have helped me the most, and […]

The Aforementioned High-Pressure Cleaner…

For me success means I am on the right track in my life; I am moving forward in the right direction towards the goals that are perfect for me. As much as I love checking off my to-do lists, in thinking about success I realized that it no longer has to mean I achieved those […]

Where Happiness Grows

Just last week I told a friend about a dream I had some time ago. I was in my late twenties when I had developed this idea in my mind of a retreat for women. It would be a place they could come for rejuvenation, and gain back any strength they might have lost over […]

This Deep Feeling of Freedom

As I am sitting here in the garden in the shade of my parasol, and my mind is going back a number of years, back to the time I was introduced to energy work, specifically the Emotion Code. It was a time when I was looking for answers, for healing. That’s when two of my […]

The Secret to Happiness is Freedom

My vision is freedom. Let me try to show you what I mean by starting with a quote from Thucydides: The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage. I feel it is specifically the freedom of expressing my authentic self, with all the highs and lows, the good and the bad, […]

The Bavarian Countryside Between My Toes

In Germany, we can’t get a driver’s licence until we’re 18 years old. A car was never an option when I was young, but that wasn’t an obstacle to getting around. There were a good public transportation system, my bike, and two healthy feet. I loved going places by bike and still remember how my […]

Life is an Italian Beach

When I was three years old our family started the tradition of vacationing in a little town called Ca’Ballarin, northeast of Venice, Italy. We would stay at a little pension, with the sweetest and most caring Italian mama taking care of us. Depending on the weather, we would either go to the beach, or visit […]

The Dream of Flying

Last weekend, I was sitting in nature watching white butterflies fly around. There is lavender in the garden, so there were quite a few of them. Watching one of them fly up to the top of an approximately five metre high tree, I was wondering what amazing perspective any flying creature has on this planet. […]

If It’s Not the End

A good quote can be anything from a quick pick-me-up, to deeply thought provoking, to a great reminder of truth. I have always loved quotes, but regularly selecting one and finding a picture to go with it for my Instagram account offers me a chance to actively engage with them. The quote that has stuck […]

Walk With My Fear

Surely one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life, was leaving my longstanding employment relationship in order to start something new several years ago. I left the one reliable way of earning my livelihood, which I had known all my adult life, and the new one was very unknown – it was simply […]

I Love Our Artist Dates!

Can I say, I just love our Artist Dates? It gets me out of my routine and literally out and about, too. I didn’t do anything new this time, but instead, things I love. I held the intention of taking myself on a date. That made it not only special, but gave it a new […]

Understanding Who I Am

When I hear activist/activism I think of Greenpeace members on a rubber boat fighting off whale killers or oil tanks or something. It’s not something I ever would consider myself to be. As a result, this topic really sent me exploring. I have many different interests that are dear to my heart, but which one […]

Drinking the Right Information

At first it seemed like this topic had landed in the wrong week for me. I felt less happy and upbeat than I did all those past weeks. And I also wasn’t as productive and structured. All of that was also the reason I procrastinated about my post. A part of me still is very […]

Stepping Stones

In this week’s topic two recent experiences came together. Just a few days ago, a friend of mine used the Body Code, an energy healing modality, to help me with a certain challenge in my life. It was maybe half way through the session that we saw a cycle I go through: when there is […]

Daisy. Daisy. Where Does Your Garden Grow?

There are simply too many beautiful flowers to select only one. Even when I think about which one is my favourite, I can’t settle for just one. Therefore I will tell you about several flowers in my life. As a child, I would notice things grown-ups wouldn’t, and often times it was the flowers. Back then, […]

Dreams Fulfilled

I have had this dream for years, a simple one, but yet: a wooden bench for the garden of my apartment building. When you drive through the Bavarian countryside wooden benches standing with their backs towards the farmhouses is a common sight. Often you can see people sitting there, either talking together or alone reading […]

The Essence of Motherhood

Mothers – what a divine concept! No matter who we will be, what we will accomplish, what kind of life we will live, we all start it through our mother. It’s the woman who went through tremendous effort, pain and labour to carry us with her for nine months, and then bear us into this […]

Gluecklich Im Sein

For as long as I can remember there have always been people coming to me to share their thoughts and feelings. Honestly, there was a time I didn’t enjoy this, I felt burdened by their stories. Luckily, that is long gone and I have come to understand it as a gift and to really appreciate […]

I Feel the Need… For a Spa Day

What would I do if I could do anything with a day off? There are so many options – it’s kind of overwhelming and I thought I would decide based on what I need on that particular day. If I need some relaxation I opt for a day at the hamam, a Turkish bath. I […]

Some Rules Are Meant to be Broken

This topic is pointing beautifully at an internal battle I continue to have within myself. On one hand, there is the “please love me” part in that I was raised to behave well and I cringe at the idea of being “naughty” or rebelliously pushing the limits. On the other hand there is the “dare […]

Metamorphosis: Moments of Miraculous Expansion

It has finally become spring in my part of the world, which is marked by my neighbours’ magnolia tree standing in full bloom. Therefore, I decided to go sit outside in order to think and write. While I am sitting there wondering what to say about my journey on the yellow brick road, a beautiful […]

Life: It’s a Beautiful Thing

I feel life is full of rabbit holes. That might sound negative, but what I mean by this is life is not meant to be smooth all the time. If life was pleasant 24/7, it would be boring, and we wouldn’t enjoy the high times quite as much. Recently, I’ve been down with the flu […]

This Brings Me to Love

For me, authenticity starts with knowing myself; I can only be authentic when I know what’s true for me. To know oneself might seem so trite. “Of course I know myself, I have lived with myself all my life!”one might think. But that seems to not be enough to be truly authentic. I have to […]

My Beauty in Laughter

Humour is one of my super powers. As with all of us, I have several super powers, but I think humour is the one I’ve had the longest; I even used it as a child. When there are heavy energies in the air such as fear, anger, or frustration, I tend to apply a little […]

Creativity. Thoughts. Ideas. Earthworms.

Does washing the dishes count as a ceremony? Well, somehow it does for me, as it has not only a cleansing effect on my pots and pans, but on my thoughts and emotions. It seems that being engaged in a simple action, which does not require all of my brain, has the capacity to create […]

We Need to Listen

As I read the discussion topic, I was reminded of a conversation I had a few weeks ago, with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years. We had bumped into each other by chance, both unaware we were traveling to the same destination that week. It was fun to have that surprise encounter […]

She Taught Me Grace

Who inspires me? Answering that question is challenging, not because there are no women who inspire me, but because there are so many! I remember a few years ago I was sitting among a large audience of women waiting for a meeting to begin. As I was early I took the time to look around […]

Positive Cultural Imprints

What do I want my life to be like as a 90 year old? Basically I still want to be going strong, and be up and moving: I want to have the freedom to choose for myself where I want to live and what I want to do. I want to still live joyfully and […]

Sharing From the Heart

The first thing that came to my mind when I read this discussion topic is repetitive numbers. It started at the beginning of 2017: I saw repetitive numbers everywhere, especially when I was looking at any digital clock. I had experienced this before, but not to this extent and especially not such a long duration […]

Decluttering My Emotions

I am the change I want to see in the world by attempting to be emotionally self-reliant. There are several parts to being self-reliant in this respect. For one, it means I consciously work with my emotions. I try my best to not push them away, and then lash them out on the people around […]

Artful Cuisine

I have to say, I love that we repeat this discussion topic every once in a while. It tends to come at the perfect time: when routine has me in an non-creative rut. This week, I have a two part story to my Artist’s Date. The first was of the culinary kind. For Christmas, I […]


Usually when I think about what I want to change for the New Year, the thought process is accompanied by feeling less than, or small, but not this time. I’m sure this is due, in part, to the change from making resolutions to having intentions, but this discussion topic invited me to see that it’s […]

Let the Old Emotions Go

What a good idea to talk about how to keep up with the intentions for the New Year with this discussion topic. To decide what I want to achieve in the New Year is often not that hard – to remember, that is much harder. The busy life can easily and swiftly make me shift […]

The Movement Between Sleeps

This week’s discussion topic made me start thinking about my intentions for the New Year. It’s quite unusual. I haven’t done that yet. Then again, that’s actually what feels right for me this time: to not make plans but to take things as they come, to not overthink things, but remain calm and relaxed and […]


What a fun discussion topic! I love to learn about different Christmas traditions people have. To me candles are a big part of the winter season. Germans usually have an Advent wreath with four candles that are lit consecutively on the four Sundays before Christmas. I remember back when I was a child we would […]

Gluecklich Im Sein

When I read this week’s discussion topic I really thought about why I do what I do, what motivates me, how I know I am being rewarded by life. There are many factors that come into play, such as loving and wanting to be loved, or the wish to fulfill my potential, to grow and […]


After having gone through a time of having close to zero energy, plus naturally being a go-go-go person, I had to learn a thing or two about managing my stress. For me, a lot of stress comes from not being in my body, which can look like being up in my head thinking, being zoned […]

Communicate. Nurture. Support

Hello Ladies and welcome once more, I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with you and getting to know you along the way! My name is Sabine, and so far I am the only non North American of the bunch. From the beginning, the idea to be part of this community of women, […]

I See Myself Clearly

When I thought about this discussion topic I remembered how years and years ago I walked across a few meters of glowing coals barefoot. I remember how scared I was and how I could do it only with the encouragement of the people around me. This experience is special to me as I did something […]

Leading With His Own Example

This week’s discussion topic made me think of the male leaders in my environment I know personally, men who in some shape or form lead. I have experienced quite a few over the years, but one specific man comes to mind right now. He was rather young when he became the leader of a group […]

Add the Coloured Pencils

There are two areas I have the possibility to learn something new right now. One area really is brand new, something I’ve never done ever before in my life versus one where I do have quite some experience. Today somebody took the time to explain the brand new thing to me, gave me some information […]

One For the Money. Two For the Show. Three to Get Ready. Go Cat GO!

I have built up the habit of running over the summer. And I had increased the distance bit by bit, too, as you might remember. My last run was somewhere mid September. I had a reasons not to run. I had a cold, then I had a toothache, then… While it started out as me […]

Castles in the Sky

I went to a convention on the weekend right here in my hometown. Two friends asked whether they could stay at my house. I said yes. We all go way back and at least one of them I hadn’t seen in ages. We pretty much stuck together during the entire convention. It was great to […]

My True Abundant Self

Inspired by a conversation with Adrienne I took what I had realized about abundance last week and added my “essence”, my true self or the energy of who I really am, however you want to language it. A while back she had helped me have a visual image for that, which helps me immediately connect […]

Abundance: It’s All Around

Abundance. Honestly I dreaded writing about it. I just didn’t click into the topic the way I usually do. Due to a toothache I was quite emotional the last few days and I couldn’t focus on abundance. At least not the kind we all are striving for, you know, health, wellness, relationships, money, fun, etc. […]

The Quest For Balance

I agree with the discussion explanation. In a way balance is a buzzword, this idea of being in a Zen like state, preferably always and completely. To me the act of being in balance is rather like standing on a balance board. I don’t know if you guys have that in North America, but here […]

Conscious Busy-ness

Adrienne: It’s been really fun to sink into this topic, while in a phase of hmmm… “moderately busy.” Steady. There is a lot to do, and the list is long, but the pressures are a couple of weeks out, and so I have enjoyed your posts and insights as a way to help me look […]

The Pre-Busy Phase

I currently have the luxury of being in a pre-busy phase, which means it’s not busy now, but it surely will be soon. The need I feel is to prepare myself. I am working on creating consistency with good habits that will allow me to navigate through the calm and the busy moments of life: […]


Sabine: For a few weeks now I felt disconnected from a certain girl friend. We hadn’t argued or anything, we just didn’t have the same level of communication we used to. Even when we saw each other it wasn’t like before. And she didn’t react the same way e.g. on What’s App as she used […]

Acceptance is the Key

As I was looking for a quote to post on Instagram today I came across this one among others: “The reason we suffer from our emotion is not because of the emotion itself, but because of our resistance to that particular emotion.” While I honestly don’t know if I agree with it 100%, my experience […]

Focusing on Joy

Adrienne: Amber, me too… my cousin was a horse jumper growing up, into her mid 20’s… I never actually saw her compete, but there is a picture at my Aunt’s house of her and her horse mid-jump. Lots of action. Captured also in the photo is the precise stillness where her lower leg and the […]

Using My Emotions As A Guide

At the end of last week I sat on my couch thinking back on my day and noticed how easily and quickly my feelings had changed that day. How receiving quite a number of likes on my Instagram post for example gave me an immediate high, but also how I had had a few depressed […]

How Often Do We Notice?

Sabine: Before writing this post I took a walk. It helps me get things moving, especially when I haven’t decided what to write about yet. I guess it gets my creative juices flowing… I contemplated whether we as women notice how often we are our best. I feel like our little group consists of women […]

Throwing the “Unthrowables”

My Artist Date was quite different today. A friend called last night to ask if I could babysit their son for 4 hrs this morning, since his wife had to work and he wanted to take a hike with his sister who’s currently visiting. I love the little boy. He’s a rascal, but really cute. […]

Artist Date With the Big Kids

Sabine: A few weeks back I was at the Auer Dult, a huge annual market that happens three times a year. There I found a stand where a woman sold old books that she had cleaned out and turned into a notebook. And recently I was at a flee market where I found two old […]

A Wisewoman’s Gratitude

Once a wise man was asked what is needed in order to grow and be able to handle the burdens, problems, and trials in this life. His answer: gratitude. Having gratitude be the topic of this week helped me focus on it again. I am even making it a habit to journal daily with ten […]

A Market Full of Gratitude

Sabine: I am grateful for a day with no appointments I am grateful for the market we have on a square close by. I love the food and the weekly chats I have with the people that sell me my food. Sometimes, like today for example, it’s the only real life conversation I have all […]

Comfortable is the New Black

Sabine: Setting up my new phone in my wireless network – quick as a breeze in literally two minutes! Posting on Instagram – challenge accomplished: redoing the picture only once Creating a tidy and clean apartment aka vacuuming, damp mopping, cleaning the bathroom, throwing out trash, putting clean sheets on the bed – the usual, […]

Already There

Sabine: That was me this morning, when I had missed my train by only 20 seconds! Can you believe it. And that after I got up earlier then I have been for months… Therefore the frown… Hope you ladies enjoy your weekend. Lia: Yes, this is a photo that definitely sums up the sentiment. I […]

Gluecklich Im Sein

I am sooo stoked and I need to celebrate. What better place is there than here!? So the run I am training for is on September 9th. This morning I roughly planned how to increase the distance in 6 weeks in order to be in time for the 5 km. I did 2,6 km on […]

Positively Healthy Boundaries

When you are not respecting your own boundaries and you’re thereby inviting others to do the same for a long enough time, it has a huge detrimental effect on your health and your psyche. I can attest to that. That is the reason I am so proud that today I can wholeheartedly say: I am […]

Vocational Orientation

Sabine: As I have mentioned I’m working on starting my business, at the same time it might be the case I’ll have to have a part time job to support myself. Today I was asked by a friend’s mother how I am doing and what my situation is jobwise. I used my default statement of […]

Just Do It

I have a keen mind that’s really good at analyzing and dissecting things. While that is a great tool to work things through it is also detrimental at times. When it won’t stop analyzing for example or get’s the “wrong ideas” and doesn’t see the world for what it truly is, but still looks at […]

State Your Own Balance

Amber: Default of the day…”Yes I am taking another afternoon off. I wouldn’t be running my own business 7 days a week if it didn’t come with benefits.” L: Love that default statement! Sassy and classy! Lia: Yes! That’s a great one! It shows so much – how you’ve invested in making time for other […]

No News Is Positive News; Choose Your Filter

Amber: I delete any group or person on Facebook who is super negative. L: I stopped reading the newspaper or watching the news. The relief from the negativity and fear mongering of the press was so noticeable that I’ve never gone back to it. When I happen to be exposed to it, it feels so […]

Leap of Faith

I feel like I am at a critical point in my journey towards the future I really want. I’ve come from processing and letting go, detoxing my life, as I tend to call it, to this point where it’s time to create. It’s time to create the life I want. Nothing it set yet, it […]

Self Care: Making It Easy

Sabine: Self care. Right now I’d say there is “easy” self care and “hard” self care. Had both this morning: A shower with a brand new lovely rose scented shower gel that creates this creamy foam that nourishes the skin leaving it feeling moisturized and smelling amazing = easy. Having 30 mins of core muscle […]

Walk It Out

Lia: A couple of weeks ago a colleague-friend contacted me to discuss a project he is starting. He is familiar with some of my previous work and my network, and wanted some advice and collaboration. We discussed and I asked him to send me more information. This past week, he reached out again with more […]

Ants in Your Pants!

This topic really is giving me a great opportunity and the focus to work on my negativity that I became aware of a few weeks back. I spent a weekend with a bunch of other people when it really struck me and I noticed how almost all my initial reactions, spoken or unspoken, each and […]

Thank You for Thinking of Me

Yesterday afternoon I received a text from a very good friend of mine. She asked me if I wanted to join her for an 11 days long trip to England starting this morning. Her husband couldn’t accompany her, so I could have his ticket. What a chance to fulfill my wish of traveling again, especially […]

Yes To My Own Company

As the weather was and still is nice these days I wanted to have some summer fun, mainly outdoors of course. While I do things on my own, I find most things more enjoyable when done with other people and some things I just don’t feel like doing them on my own. So last week […]

The Strength of Depression

I want to be happy and strong and joyful. In fact I think happiness is the reason we are here on this planet: to learn how to be happy with ourselves as well as with others. It seems such a lofty goal though. Everybody wants to be happy, and yet who is? As I sit […]

The Joy of Cracking the Whip!

Lia: I will tell you when I don’t procrastinate (am I allowed on this topic?!) – when I have deadlines. I’m going out of town tomorrow morning early for over a week. I motored through work tasks today, no time for questions and hesitations! I did push some lower priority things to next week, but […]

Kick it to the Curb

With this topic in the back of my mind it is interesting to see how procrastination stops flow, action, movement, even in very simple ways. Sometimes I don’t throw out the trash bag in time so it keeps getting fuller and fuller until nothing more fits in there really. That happened this week. I meant […]

Putting Myself Out There

Confidence is an ideal for me. Not the overbearing kind, that always makes me wonder if people aren’t just covering up their lack of real confidence. I mean the one that makes you know and love yourself, the one that makes it easy to be kind to others for you’re so used to being kind […]

Check. Check. Reality Check!

Recently a friend of mine said I was ultra-feminine. And when I made her go into detail about that, she mentioned things like my keen intuition and my continual expansion. After this chat I realized that what I am currently missing are the masculine equivalents of focus and structure. So at the beginning of May […]

Coffee Break

Leni: I need to do some face time with a good friend. I’ve been writing all day and am only realizing the severity of this need right now. I’ve been a hardworking recluse all week and just need some human connection. Not the kind that carries worries that keep you up at night … like […]

Sit. Stay. High Five!

Amber: This week I am relaxing and smelling the roses after finishing two sets of very fun and successful group dog obedience classes.  Dog training is very rewarding for me.  It allows me to share my knowledge and expertise helping dogs live happily with their owners. I love seeing the incredible changes in the dogs and […]

Expectation. Trust. Open-mindedness. Love.

Amber: After reading Sabine’s post I thought I’d share a little bit about what childbirth taught me.  It taught me how amazingly strong we are as women and how to trust the Universe to look after us. Both of my pregnancies were extremely tough, as well as both of my deliveries.  I wanted the natural home birth […]

Every Time a Child is Born So is a Mother

I am not a mother yet, but from what I have noticed by watching girlfriends of mine becoming mothers it is a double-edged journey. It seems to be one of the most expanding and joyful experiences possible and at the same time or rather because of that also one of the most stretching and challenging […]

Accept and Meet My Positive Perspective

Adrienne: Here’s your laugh…  slept through my alarm this morning… I’m 2 hours behind schedule. As I’m running out the door, trip to the loo… so shoes were already on. I’m pulling up my drawers in front of the mirror, and I see that my underwear is the same colour as my shoe laces ba […]

Leaving Us Aglow

Lia: Maybe a friend or loved one called for advice, or just to talk and be heard. Maybe I empathized, gave advice or echoed their feelings in a way that made sense to them. I may have given them a compliment to let them know they were on the right track; I became the mirror […]

Compliments Are A Form of Currency

I love to pay a compliment and I love to receive one. Both give me energy. I think that’s what I love about it, to get an extra boost of energy, love, appreciation, kindness,…, no matter on which side of the compliment I am. There are compliments I can anticipate, mostly because I have received […]

Confidence – What You Feel Inside

Leni: I am getting better at accepting compliments. I don’t always agree they’re deserved, but I am beginning to agree more often than I used to. The most important thing is that I’m starting to be able to say “thank you” instead of turning to self-deprecating humour. I am not comfortable receiving praise of any […]

Gourmet Treatment

I am blossoming in the way I treat my body. Very often I didn’t take good care of it in various ways. Last year I started with something simple such as drinking 2 liters or more of water daily which by now has become a no brainer. What amazed me is how positively my body […]

I’ve Got 40, 000 French Francs in My Fridge

Adrienne: I want to take a trip this year. A good one. Maybe Italy? Somewhere spectacular. Of course this is NOT in the budget, too focused on the blogs and all excess is still getting doubled down. I DO love that. BUT, I would like to take a trip this year! Somewhere spectacular. I have […]

Leap. The Obstacles Disappear.

Boy, have I been deferring to write about this week’s topic! Because either I’d select a minor vision and be safe or I’d really have to show up with my big vision. And that’s something I’ve been procrastinating ever since we started to talk vision a few weeks back and I noticed right away when […]

Bring It Back

Adrienne: This is ridiculous and you can laugh. Yes, I’m going to use one of my believe in me tickets for my extra 30lbs! Yup, I’m a big cliche ha! Two family dinners later I am definitely feeling the midlife bloat ha! Somewhere in this conversation – either last week or this week already – […]

3, 2, 1… Break!

Sabine: Not having had a job for a while due to my health state feels like a limitation on my resumée. Then again I keep hearing lately it’s very “trendy” to have taking a “sabbatical” to really find oneself… Amber: Possibly you’ve taken a break to ensure that this is the right job for you […]

Renovating My Self-Worth

What an interesting topic, it just helped me understand something about myself! Thinking about what perceived limitation to write about I was just ready to pick “I am not good enough”. And while that truly is one of my false beliefs that creates a huge limitation I am hunting down a connection to something else. […]

The Art of Deep Listening

Small talk is fine, I can do it and at times I even enjoy those little encounters with other people. But what I really love are conversations that go deeper than that. It’s there that I really meet other people, where I see them for who they are, that’s when we can communicate about our […]

It Feels So Great to Enrich Other People’s Lives

Sabine: I have been teaching in various capacities ever since I was a teenager and young adult. I have taught kids, teenagers, groups of women or of young adults, coworkers,… I love to teach. There are several reasons for that: I love to have enlightening AHA moments when I understand a certain matter and it […]

Five Star Reviews

Lia: Today, I finally got around to calling the head office of the gym I typically work out at on my lunch hours. I had tried to leave information online, but it wasn’t working, so I called directly. I called to let them know that they had two staff members at the gym who are […]

Helping Them Grow Up

I have no children of my own, but I enjoy spending time with the kids of friends, playing with them, teaching them, having fun with them, and at times helping their parents to keep them well-behaved. Like today, when we – adults and children alike – were at a conference of 1.5 hrs. I sat […]

High Five, Ladies! Thank you.

Sabine: On this journey to my health I had my fair share of colds, bladder infections, diarrhea, back pain, PMS, sensitivities of all kinds, headaches, etc. That makes a part of me wonder if I have the health stamina that my vision takes as it sees those symptoms as proof of “I am not strong […]

Standing Out and Shining Bright

I consider myself a responsible person. My parents brought me up that way, and I am grateful for that as I think it’s important to be dependable. You give me a task, and I get it done. And while that’s who I am there is another part of me, too. A part that is hesitant […]

The Power of Positioning

Sabine: I am visiting a friend in a different city this weekend. And on my way here I noticed another why not: being positioned in the wrong direction. I took the train this morning and I was coming thru Ulm, a city I’ve been traveling thru quite sometime in my life and once I even […]

It’s a Matter of Choosing All Possibility

I did a physical vision board once a few years back and I still have it. I did the classical thing of cutting out pictures and words from all kinds of magazines.  Off the top of my head I would say those things didn’t come true. But now as I have the vision board right […]

The Joy of Good Work

Even before I started to think about it in detail I knew that finding the Whys would help me to clear up my vision by showing me what’s important to me. And it did just that. The vision that’s growing within me is a “life vision” as it includes all areas of my life, but […]

Vision is a Feeling

I think bringing my vision into words is so hard for me still because the vision is in the unknown or even is the unknown, it’s about my life being out there and different. Not completely of course, but the vision part is about things that I have not yet experienced and that therefore are […]

Double Traveling; Double Happiness

My vision is currently in a state of change meaning it’s in dire need of an update due to the fact that life has changed, and I have changed. But while I am aware of that need the vision just isn’t there, it’s not clear yet. And seriously that makes me nervous as hell, as […]

My Beautiful Body

Sabine: To say that a health crisis is a privilege sounds quite daring to me, and I wouldn’t have put it that way a year or two ago. That’s because I was in the middle of it, fighting it, feeling anything but grateful for it. I guess some parts of me even hated it. Yet […]

This Speaks to Me

At the end of a phone conversation my friend told me what fun plans he had for the afternoon, and after we hung up I was stuck with the question: “So what do I do today that’s fun?” I checked my city’s event calendar and was met with the idea to go to a museum. […]

Date Night

I want to share with you something interesting about helping others which might be obvious but still is thrilling if you’re in the process of learning it as I am. Currently there is a lot of feeling alone and lonely in my life. Now don’t get your tissues out just yet. It’s not as heartbreaking […]

Intentional Balance Between Movement and Meditation

At the end of last year I was reminded of how my body craves exercise and movement in general. Of course all bodies work that way. Yet I learned or rather am still in the process of full body learning that my connection to the world is primarily physical, meaning e.g. I get clarity by […]

A Splash of Friendliness Goes a Long Way

Sabine: O.k., I’ll go first this time: my friendliness. E.g. today as I was shopping an American couple tried to make the pharmacist understand what they need (the woman had a cold), but the poor lady behind the counter didn’t really understand. So I jumped in and asked if she had mucus and translated for […]