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Athlete, artist, blogger/writer, kitchen wizard, chicken wrangler, homemaker are some of the facets of my life and I love to express them all. As an athlete I am an ultramarathon runner who loves to run long distances. As an artist I am a lampwork glass artist who sculpts and blows glass into unique creations. As a blogger/writer I write about my multifaceted life. I am a farm girl and yes, I have chickens including roosters, 5 of them. They make me laugh. Home is my base, my castle, my studio, my foundation.

Why did you join Consciously Woman?

Through my life I have seen a lot of women exist in life, waiting “until” so that they can start to live and in this process they forget themselves. I once lived that life, but through a wake up call, and a few leaps of faith, I started to live. In order to keep living, I choose to surround myself with others who are doing the same.

What is your Vision? What is your Dream?

Life is meant to be lived. Fully. I run so that I can create. I run far so that I can see and experience all there is to that race. I run so that I can inspire others to start on their journey.


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