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In 2013, after 30 years working with patients in the medical field, I made a transition into the entrepreneurial world as a holistic health and wellness practitioner, and certified life and executive coach. I have a passion for learning, teaching, and growing, and love empowering others to create a more fulfilling and fun filled life for themselves. I thrive in an environment where interactions are authentic, creative, and positive, and where we can appreciate the talents and gifts that make each of us so unique. I celebrate what make each of us different because it is our differences that makes us brilliant! Nature inspires me.

Why did you join Consciously Woman?

I joined Consciously Woman because I love being part of a pro-active community of women who value individuality, community and connection and know they are here on this planet to create positive change. I am looking forward to learning more about the amazing women who choose to come together and who identify with being Consciously Woman. I am so excited for what the future holds!

What is your Vision? What is your Dream?

I see a paradigm shift of consciousness and action that creates a positive future for all life on this earth. A world that is founded upon collaboration and wisdom and intimately connected to the rhythms of nature.

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