That’s Me

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Women are relationship creatures. We love relationships. We live for relationships. We even have unique gifts that qualify us to be something like a guardian of relationships.

Let me ask you: What’s the relationship like with yourself, your inner child? Do you like yourself? Do you tell yourself you love yourself?

So often we rigorously judge ourselves for our mistakes and mishaps. We tell ourselves off for being so stupid. We give ourselves names and labels that are belittling, often in order to keep ourselves small. We even sometimes use such harsh words inside our heads that we would hopefully never allow another person to speak to us. Is it because we believe that we can push ourselves towards progress and higher levels of commitment concerning our goals with this demeaning behaviour?

Let me tell you: we cannot. Have you ever seen a child getting scolded by an angry parent for something it did wrong? Have you seen the child’s face in that moment? It will probably succumb to the parent and do as it was told. Has this situation helped the child though to learn and grow through this experience so it can choose right conduct intrinsically?

True progress only happens through love. Just as plants need sunshine to grow we humans need love. This love is not blind to mistakes but it chooses not to diminish a person because he or she did something wrong. Instead this love envelops the person and ignites self-motivation to move the person along. This love has appreciation for what is and great anticipation for what will be.

Giving yourself this kind of love will nourish you and give you the strength to accomplish anything while allowing you to be an inspiration to others. Then whether you have a moment of success or failure you can enthusiastically say to yourself: “That’s me and I love it!”

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