The Island

 In Immersion Coaching, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Feeling overwhelmed and busy is a well-known place for most women. It often comes like a huge typhoon wave quickly approaching the shore making us feel as if we are about to drown. It can make us feel powerless and unable to change the experience.

What became obvious in last week’s Immersion Coaching call though is that we are not helpless against overwhelm. In fact, we often create it ourselves by processing external information in a way that causes our internal overwhelm. Then we attempt to fix it by getting into action and trying to get everything done in time.

The solution that presented itself looked quite different. In this case, it was laughter. An island of laughter that showed up in the middle of an ocean of overwhelm and busy. Stepping on this island instead of busily swimming around it day in and day out allows for the mind to rest and take pleasure in something light-hearted. Instead of the mind feeling the need to resolve overwhelm on the mental plane it is allowed to take a break. It can calm down and rejuvenate. As crazy as that may seem to us when we’re in the middle of overwhelm, tempted to do ever more and more, it is not cleared by doing but by being.



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