The Secret Sauce

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein


In order to successfully move forward in life, you need to know not only what that looks like for you personally, but also how to sustain that motion. You need to know your own secret sauce to success if you will.

I have learned a long time ago that my secret sauce recipe is continually adapting, meaning some ingredients are constantly contributing to my success while others need to be switched up to keep me going. It was important for me to understand that so I wouldn’t judge myself as flimsy. I need to change things up every now and then in order to keep it interesting. That’s just how I am.

Last week I’ve mentioned one ingredient to success when speaking about how I set intentions. I watch the energy in my life. What I mean by that is I notice the themes that are emerging in my life as they show me what’s ready to change. I try to always keep that in mind as success is so much easier achieved when the timing is right. It’s the difference between going with the flow vs. working my way up against the current if you know what I mean.

One of the constant ingredients is feeding my mind with good ideas. That may look like reading a book that deals with whatever I’m working on or watching a YouTube video or a TED talk. I do that consciously but it is also fun to see it happen by synchronicity. As you know if you read last week’s post, grace is a current topic in my life right now. It is something I have my eyes on, yet there is little material I am aware of that deals with this concept. So it’s even the more amazing how I was guided to some spiritual videos in recent days that despite their title deal with exactly this topic! Feeding my mind like that helps me have ample “content” inside of me to then be inspired what to do.

Another constant is putting up reminders so I don’t lose track of which direction I wanted to move towards. That can look like daily reminders popping up on my phone or putting up words, signs and symbols in my apartment or painting a meaningful picture. I remember last year when I first worked on self-generosity I wore a stone with a leaf gold heart on it on a leather string around my neck. That is until the gold heart started wearing off, then I just hung it off a hook next to my nightstand.

A newbie in my secret sauce is sitting in silence. In the morning I make myself a cup of tea, light a candle and plop myself on my couch. There I wait for what wants to show itself, may it be thoughts about what’s to do that day or what I’ve experienced recently or feelings that sometimes randomly pop up, while I try to be in acceptance.  Then I watch how acceptance influences whatever it is that presents itself. What amazes me each time is how often “problems” simply dissolve, once I accept them! This process not only allows things to change, but in that moment I feel very present with myself and with the moment. It is a ritual that is calming as well as nurturing.

Those are some of my ingredients and it is always fun to find a new one. What about you? What’s your secret sauce to success?


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