The Wisdom Within

 In Sound Bites, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Tricia Chatfield; Chatfield Therapeutics


As I’ve been transitioning to teaching online, I’ve had to think a lot about what it is that I teach and how I teach it. I’ve been teaching for 20 years so much of it is no longer conscious, it just comes naturally. In reflecting, I’ve realized that what I teach is essentially the ability to listen to the body.

I think it is a cultural norm to live with a top-down approach. We tend to live in our heads, expecting our bodies to just follow along with our desires and needs, carrying out the orders dictated by the mind. Don’t get me wrong, it is necessary to be this way to get things done.

What we tend to lack is balance. There isn’t much time spent on bottom-up living…on listening to and respecting the needs of the body. This kind of introspective approach to living has been lost for so many people. What we miss out on is the body’s inherent wisdom.

You know that old saying, “the body doesn’t lie”? It’s true. The body holds our life experience within its tissues. The joys, the defeats, the ups and downs. It’s all there, particularly the things we had difficulty processing.

I’ve realized that what I teach essentially is how to listen to the body. It can take some time to relearn how to do this. The rewards are ease, less pain, resilience and increased capacity for everything we want to do in life. Isn’t that worth taking some time to practice? To step out of the mind and just listen…aah, that feels good!



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