This Week’s Topic – Back to School… Already?!

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It’s been a very interesting “best Summer evvarr”, take two!

Coolest thing about Summer holidays, though? Every Summer is the best holiday ever! Rinse. Repeat!

It’s the chewy centre that is always under scrutiny ha! Back to school!

Coolest thing about Summer coming to an end, though? Every new school year is the best year ever. New classmates, new things to learn, and cumulative independence.

It feels amazing!

This week, look back at all those new first days, and pick a fave.

Yes. One.

For your share, tell us about your favourite first day back to school.

That newness is you. You can have it anytime of the year!

BUUUUT… let’s not be glib or deflect with false positivity. Let’s be real.

Why is this especially important this year? Why is it essential to keep positive images of going back to school in our minds? 

It goes without saying. The first week of school is going to be a tough one this year. There are lots of changes again – many of them causing fear, especially in kids and the front line workers in education. It’s going to be hard. Really hard.

We can set a good example by not reflecting this fear and difficulty. We can let the professionals do their work to figure it out. And more important, we can support those beautiful kids by holding that “old normal” of excitement and joy.

Is this a brave new world? Of course it is.

It’s yours.



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