This Week’s Topic – Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

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Our Summer vacation “series” has had its positive way with us! We are light, free and fresh as daisies! It’s been co-enlivening to get to know each other this way. Part of our action-mission here together in this community is to begin to prioritise differently, by putting our personal lives first.

Family, friends, free time, beautiful food, special places and our own bodies are meant to come before the quest to fulfill our individual ambitions. In fact, it’s exactly these elements of life that inform our successful selves.

These elements are why we succeed — and then they are the reward!

This week, let’s take a page from Sabine’s post last week in Immersion Coaching. Let’s look at the concept of “should” vs… well, anything else that makes you feel empowered, confident and in love with who you are.

This week, from your “best self” perspective, share with us the impact a
“should-do” or an obligation has on your life. Is it positive? Does it hold you accountable? Does it drive you to be and have more? Does it limit you? Does it 
set you free?

Looking forward to this conversation, Ladies!

Bonus: Do you actually do a “should” every day? What is that and why do you think you do it? What purpose does it serve?

Have a beautiful week!



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