This Week’s Topic – How Do You Stay Passionate?

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It’s always that time of year in here – living a life of passion, and all. 

It’s so fun!

All year, all the time, you are connected to the life of your dreams, living it fully, and reaping the rewards of joy and satisfaction. This is a life expertly lived.

Until… one day you wake up and you have sailed straight into the Doldrums for a holiday. The winds are still, the sun is on medium, and the batteries for your ghetto-blaster sind kaputt (crapped out).

Pass the ketchup.

That’s right. It ain’t on, and you think you might consider Plan B for the rest of your life. Fortunately, living a life of passion, and all, you have a bigger plan for this too!

This week, tell us: 

How do you stay passionate and dedicated to what you do? With so many variables and external interactions that affect what you want to do in your life – your vision – how do you stay passionate?  

For your share, tell us 1 – 3 ways (or tools) you use to keep yourself on track, connected and happy until the wind picks up again. Give us the deets. We want to feel it too!

This is a common emotional feature of a life purposely lived. There are spontaneous expansions, and there are inexplicable lulls.

How do you handle these?

What’s your secret?

Inspire the always-re-connect.

Have a spectacular week, Ladies!

Pass the Tobasco!


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