This Week’s Topic – The Artist Date

 In The Artist Date, Weekly Forum Discussion


The new year is under way well. Intentions: check. Focus: check. Tricks of the trade: check. The future is so bright, we’ve got to wear shades!

Things are going great, and they’re only getting better!

We talked about all the ways we keep ourselves focused and connected to our goals and intentions last week, so what better time to engage in our favourite group activity than now? This week… yup, you got it, we’re going on an Artist Date!

If you are new to the Artist Date, it is a practice first popularised by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way. It’s a weekly practice used to stimulate and explore your creativity, where you place yourself in the arms of newness and let your inspiration guide you towards new and enlivening adventure. It’s a bit like a brand new year once a week! It goes like this:

Take yourself on a date. Go alone. Explore something you have never done before, or do something you have wished to do, but never take the time. Be with yourself, follow your inspiration, and notice the ideas that lead you down the trail of your life’s adventure. Take note. Be conscious at the same time, and take those creative ideas home to meet the rest of your life! 

New beginnings are best coupled with new ideas. Adventures. That’s creativity! This is the life blood of all the beautiful things that come into form.

For your share this week, tell us what you did, what you saw, and most important, how this splash of creative space feeds your intentions or goals for the year. Take a great picture too! 


Reflections are one of the best ways to expand your view. Keep us in your pocket on your adventure, and use us as the audience. Notice the cool things you want to show us or share with us in your post. This amplifies your awareness.

We’re looking forward to spending this Artist Date with you! It’s the first one for 2020!

Have a blast Ladies!



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