This Week’s Topic – What is Your Vision?

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It’s been an amazing few weeks together. Amazing.

The last couple of weeks have really brought it home – what we do together in this community.

One of the most powerful things we can do in our lives is to expand our awareness to include both sides of the story. In fact, we could even argue that it’s the best tool in your shop! The ability to see both sides of the story, allows us to implement the next steps and actions in our lives easily and joyfully.

Our discussion last week proved the value of this fully! Your Vision loves you too.

As always, there are many ways to language what we have done together in the past couple of weeks, but in the context of last week’s discussion, connecting deeply with perfectionism and allowing it to take over our actions for a few days, and then following that up with not only acceptance, but the love and celebration of Valentine’s Day. This transforms our understanding of that part of ourselves so that it is positively serving how we want (and love!) to live, rather than fueling the part of us that resists greatness or success.

Cheeky perhaps, but think of those people who “resist” Valentine’s Day – instead of finding a way to participate in the celebration in a way that feels good to them.

When we understand the “shadow” part of an energy – when we expand to see how it can be used positively – we have the mental an emotional space to implement our conscious thoughts, desires and actions. 

Suddenly, the cuffs are off; we are free.

And whew! Just in time!

This week, we will pick up where we left off – before we had to call the cops on the Perfectionist ha! – and resume our bigger discussion, the one where we are making our dreams come true, and building the 2021 that we truly desire. Remember that? Of course you do! It’s not the only thing you think about, but a heart’s desire is a heart’s desire! It will boldly seep into every part of your life and bring you flowers. Your “vision” is like that too. It functions like a best friend or a companion, a confidant, a cheerleader, an accountability buddy, a “double-dog dare”, or a brand new car!

Your vision is here to propel, support, and inspire you to live out and express your best and brightest self.

This week, from the magnificent perspective we are in right now together, share with us your vision. You have your toughest critic on side, flowers in your pocket, and you understand how the perfectionist makes you extraordinary and exceptional. Now is precisely the time to state clearly your “vision.”

What are you creating in your life? What do you want to do with your bad ass awesomeness? How do you want to live? All of it, no holds barred…

What is your Vision?

Bring it home. Make it present.

Bonus: Use the discussion in the private forum this week to distill your vision down to one potent sentence, so you can say it or write it out loud.

What’s that Marigold?


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