This Week’s Topic – You Got Some Splainin’ To Do

 In This Week's Topic


Drum roll please… this week’s topic is a nexus of sorts and connects the concepts we have been discussing for the past couple of weeks with the practical. 

That is exactly our community mission: making the abstract concepts of change practical and usable in our daily lives. Let’s dive in.

We know what we should do with “shoulds”, those obligations and have-to’s. We absolutely do know how to navigate them, but it is often quite difficult to actually execute that knowledge—of self—and the feelings that accompany an inner boundary that has been crossed.

Ooooh. Be immediately clear for the rest of the topic, that no one can cross one of your inner boundaries except you. It’s 2021 and we are blessed to live in first world countries and plenty. The future of women’s culture and prosperity hinges on that truth.

There is no excuse for artificial hysteria. That is our cultural leadership duty – respectfully and with honour.

In addition, we also know how to navigate overwhelm—on paper. We know with our literal bones when overwhelm occurs, and in fact, we have cultivated (together) a practical awareness of ourselves well before overwhelm takes over.

It’s been a brilliant couple of weeks witnessing and reflecting each other. Wow.

Now, let’s execute. Let’s support each other. Let’s teach each other. Let’s provide a practical example for our readers.

This week, share with us how you say no. 

It’s everywhere, and we are culturally desperate for that skill. It’s not a concept or a tool. It’s a skill—as simple as the word’s simplicity: no. This is one of the most basic expressions, and yet we turn it into a carnival of social gymnastics!

So, for your share this week, take us through a situation in your life where you had to say “no.” How did you do it? What language did you use? What were the steps—inward and then outward? Was there a process? Did you need to be ninja-sharp, angel-gentle, or did you have the luxury of a professional and rational interaction?

This is simple, yes, but think of the implications. This will solidify the skill of saying no in your own life, it will open a door of ease for the women in this community, and it will acknowledge a chain of change in women’s culture that wants to happen.

More importantly perhaps, it brings into form and focus an energetic expression for women’s global culture. How many women cannot safely say no? Let’s honour them by being real.

Big love, Ladies.

The work you do works.

There’s no need to explain, justify, or fight for your value.

Know that.

Be it.



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