Together We Run

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Written by: Sherri Donohue; Trailrunner’s Journey


In this photo, I am standing beside one of my favorite people in ultrarunning, Catra Corbett. Catra, in many ways, is who I aspire to. Even though Catra has overcome struggles and has shifted from goth to every color of the rainbow, the main reason I like her so much is that she is a shining example of “Be who you are with absolutely no regret“.

Catra is who she is, does what she does because she is fully expressing herself without limitations or judgement, hers or otherwise. The distances this girl runs are outstanding and she comes back for more. Catra is a beautiful soul, and a beautiful person with a heart of gold, and she’s proud of who she is and has become.

The picture of Catra and I is more symbolic than it appears. What’s shown is that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or how you run, we are all runners and we’re in this race together. What does matter is that you be who you are, get out there and live life to the fullest. I will mention that Catra’s book “Reborn on the Run” is well worth the read, just like the author is well worth getting to know.



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